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Why limit who can contribute?

On November 23, 2010, Fan History was locked so that only approved editors could contribute. This was done because we did not have the administrative staff to patrol recent changes and enforce the rules. Life has changed a lot for the admin staff since the wiki was first created and, as much as they wanted to keep up with Fan History, it just was not possible.

A stable host was found to insure that the wiki could continue on, even if not actively administered and updated. This was always important as the staff began to realize their interests were changing and that they had less and less time to spend on the wiki. While being largely locked to new contributors, the information will still be available.

Given all that, the admins still wanted to make it possible for people to contribute if they want to. This was done by creating a class of contributors called Writers. Writers cannot delete pages or do other administrative tasks but they can edit articles. If some one should find Fan History Wiki and think it has worth to continue working on, the administrators wanted to give them that opportunity.

Limited contributing

If you want to contribute to Fan History, please contact Laura via:

  • e-mail: laura at
  • irc: purplepopple on
  • aim: h2oequalswater
  • twitter: purplepopple
  • linkedin: laurahale

Provide your e-mail address and desired user account name. Please provide a brief explanation as to why you want to contribute to Fan History. Laura will then create an account for you.

Rules for contributing

If you are given reader status, there will unlikely be anyone around to enforce the rules and patrol your edits. Given that, you are asked to self-police and follow the Rules.

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