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Who can promote

Fan History is dedicated to documenting the history of fandom. Fan History has the infrastructure to promote fan fiction archives, entertainment sites, wikis, convention dealers, bloggers, news sites, conventions, fanzines, hotels that host fan events that contributors can take advantage of.

How to promote

Organization, events, companies, fansites, fan communities and people can be promoted in the following ways:

What to remember

Fan History will not ban any user for adding external links so long as the link they added fits with the page it was added to, the additional content is relevant to the scope of the article and the link was added to the relevant section. A good example of link building on Fan History is the link building that has been done by Wikia on Fan History.

Fan History will ban for articles that look like they were created by a spam bot, where an effort has not been made to fit in to the scope of the wiki, where the article looks like an exercise in link baiting and where the rules are not followed.

When adding links and content, make sure that you are making the wiki a better resource. That is the easiest way to have your link be included and not be banned.

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