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Help changing your pen name

If you change your pen name elsewhere, we can help you make this change on the article about you if you don't know how to do that or are scared to try to do that. Please follow these general guidelines.

  1. Comment on the talk page of the article for the article about you that uses your old pen name. Include your new pen name and link a to your new pen name so that this name be verified. On the talk page, request that the page be moved to the new location.
  2. Edit the article about you to change your old name to your new name.
  3. If you are concerned that the action in step one won't be dealt with in a timely manner, comment on the talk page of an administrator and ask them to help you move the article.

FanFiction.Net pen name change conflicts

If a person changes their pen name on FanFiction.Net, another person can claim the old one. This can cause some problems as confusion can develop because people find a page, think it is about them and all wrong, and then they remove another person's history in order to fix the incorrect history. If a situation like that occurs:

  1. Comment on the talk page to explain that such a conflict exists.
  2. Move the article with the out of date pen name to the current pen name.
  3. Create a disambiguation page that points to the new person and the old person.

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