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This article defines official Fan History policy.

One goal of Fan History is to create a comprehensive directory of people and topics in fandom. In doing this, there are a number of issues that wiki contributors and users should be aware of as these pages are treated differently from other content.

Fan History's relationship with people

Fan History is a repository of information. An article about a person does not imply that the subject supports, condones, or is affiliated in any way with Fan History. Being included in Fan History no more implies a relationship with Fan History than having pages of your content or pages about you showing up in Google implies that you support, condone, or are affiliated with Google.

Creating the article

If you want to create an article about yourself or another person in fandom, please use Template:Person as a base, then customize and modify the template as necessary to fit the needs of the article.

Rules for articles about people

  1. People may not blank articles about people, and should state a reason when removing content from them.
    • If you blank an article or edit an article to do that, you will be banned from the wiki for two weeks. The article will be restored to its previous version.
  2. People articles cannot include addresses, phone numbers, work information, and other information that is considered personal unless the person involved has made this information available with the intention of that information being utilized by fandom, the press, or the business community.
    • You must include a citation to show that personal information was publicly revealed by the subject; do not include it otherwise. If you are in doubt regarding specific information, utilize the article's talk page to seek a consensus on what can be revealed.
    • Some information that people publicly put out there may not be intended for fans, the press or the business community. Examples of this include domain whois information and phone directory listings. If you include this information with out discussing the information's relevance on the talk page in a way that looks malicious, you may be banned. Error on the side of caution.
    • If an article about you includes such information in an inappropriate fashion that you wish to have removed, contact an administrator so that it can be expunged. Fan History admins try to honor these requests with in 24 hours though it may take as long as a week.
  3. People articles need a request for deletion by the person involved before they will be deleted.
    • Friends cannot ask for an article to be deleted. Fans of a person cannot ask for an article about the person to be deleted. Only the subject of an article, or their legal representatives, may request an article about themselves be deleted.
    • See Help:Article deletion for more information on how to get an article deleted.

Advice for articles about people

  1. Articles should follow the format offered by Template:Person.
  2. Articles should be written in the third person.
  3. Articles should be unbiased or clearly state where a point of view is expressed.
  4. Articles should be serious in nature; articles are not intended to be funny or satirical.
  5. Articles should be written keeping the privacy issues of the subject's community in mind.
  6. Articles should be written from a journalistic perspective, using journalistic ethics.

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