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Help:Real Name deletion

This policy was created to support some existing policies that can be found on Help:Article deletion. Real names are an issue in the fan community, as there are conflicting standards as to who can use them and in what context. Fan History understands these different cultural issues and has created a formal policy to make it easy to understand how to get your real name removed from the wiki.

On blanking, defacing, and vandalism

"Vandalism is any addition, removal, or change of content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of Wikipedia. The most common types of vandalism include the addition of obscenities or crude humor, page blanking, or the insertion of nonsense into articles."[1]

The above is a widely-accepted standard throughout the English wiki community. Most wikis will ban a user for deliberate vandalism, and FanHistory is no exception. The preferred method for removing content from an article, especially one concerning a person in fandom, is to request a deletion.

Deletion is preferred for the following reasons:

  • A deletion request is usually considered to be made in good faith, while vandalism is presumed to be a bad faith or a possibly malicious act.
  • Deletion removes the history of an article from public view. Blanking or defacing an article does not. Anyone visiting Fan History can still see the original version if an article is simply blanked.
  • A deleted article no longer shows up in search engines.

Real name article deletion

Fan History allows for the deletion of real names from articles. This is done as a courtesy to the fan community. Requests will be honored depending on the availability of Fan History's staff. Please allow up to two weeks for a response from the administrators upon submitting a request. All articles about individuals, excluding individuals who qualify as fandoms, people who are deemed notable or people involved in the industry as professionals or academics, will be honored. (See the Deletion Policy FAQ for a more complete list of articles about people that will not be deleted.) These articles can be deleted if the two following conditions are met:

  1. You, as the subject of the article in question, send an e-mail to The e-mail should include the following:
    • The url(s) of the article(s) that you are seeking to have your real name removed from. Without this information the administrators may not be able to find the entry in question.
    • Proof that you are the subject of the article. For example: Send your deletion request from an email account listed on the article page or in one of its offsite links, such as on your personal fanworks page. If you are a LiveJournal user and the article links to your LiveJournal account, e-mail Fan History from the address listed on your profile, or ask a system administrator for an a LiveJournal user name where you can send a private message to verify your identity. Other private messaging options are available as well for use in a similar fashion, including InsaneJournal, JournalFen, RockFic, Facebook, MySpace and FanFiction.Net. The administrators will be flexible in assuring there is some way we can verify your identity.
    • An acknowledgment that you understand that Fan History is a wiki that anyone can edit, and that it is your job to monitor the wiki to make certain no one edits the wiki to put your real name back into the article, as it is not the administrators' job to do so.
    • The alternative name by which you wish to be referred to on Fan History.
  2. After having e-mailed the deletion request, you must add the following text to the talk page (see the "talk" tab) of the article to be deleted:

This will add a text box that looks like:

A person featured in this article requests that wiki contributors not use their real name.

The user who made that request understands that Fan History is a wiki and that anyone can insert this information back in. They ask that you do not. Please respect their wishes or contact them for additional details.

. After you have done that, type (or copy and paste) the following message:
I have requested that my real name be deleted from Fan History. I ask that other contributors to the wiki please respect my wishes to not be included. I understand that this is a wiki and that other contributors may choose to create another article about me or reference me elsewhere in the wiki. Because of that, I understand it is my job to regularly check that no one has included my real name against my wishes. --~~~~

After both of those steps have been completed, the article will be deleted and recreated to not include your real name. It then becomes your job to monitor the wiki to make certain that no one edits the wiki to include your real name, and to alert the system administrators if someone has done that.

Deletion FAQ

Who handles deletions?

Deletion requests are handled by system administrators. System administrators are non-paid volunteers who believe Fan History is a project worth supporting. They will try to handle responses in as timely a manner as possible. They can be reached via e-mail at Please do not contact administrators in other fashions for deletion requests as they may not receive the request in a timely fashion.

What happens if someone mentions my real name again?

It is up to you to monitor the wiki to see that this does not happen, and to inform a Fan History administrator if it does happen. We will remove repeated occurrences but only if you inform us.

Does Fan History keep a list of articles that people requested to be deleted?

No. Fan History does not keep a list of real names that people have requested to be deleted.

Under what circumstances can real names be used on Fan History?

Fan History's policy is opt out for places where information can clearly be cited regarding the use of a real name. Failure to have a citation for a real name should result in the deletion of the real name. Fan History's policy is opt in when there is no available citation. In the case of an opt in, if you wish to include your real name in an article about yourself or where you are mentioned, you need to post the following article box at the top of the article or the relevant section:

Bias statement
Private information included by choice.

This contributor has chosen to include information that would normally be excluded from articles as a result of Fan History's person article privacy policies. They have given Fan History permission to include this informtion on the wiki.

{{Privacy waived}}

Failure to include that box should result in the deletion of the real name from the article.

Under what circumstances will Fan History not remove a real name from an article title?

Fan History will not remove such articles about people who fall into the following groups:

  • academics who have published professionally about fandom,
  • actors,
  • employees and people involved with professional websites which are utilized by fandom,
  • industry professionals listed on IMDB,
  • journalists who have published articles about fandom,
  • musicians,
  • professional athletes, and
  • professionally published authors.

If the article is not eligible for deletion, what are my options regarding my real name?

If you fall into a category where the article about you is not eligible for deletion, you can still have your real name removed by posting an :::{{RNDR}}. You will need to provide an alternative name, which can be cited to include information about you in the wiki. This should be done at the time of posting the RNDR.

Because changes to articles removing my real name appear on Recent Changes, will my real name appear elsewhere?

It is possible that the changes involving your real name, especially if they appear in an article title, may appear on places that get our RSS feed for RecentChanges. This includes Twitter and LiveJournal. If you see your real name appearing there, please contact us. As of December 21, real name removals where the real name appears in the article name will be done on a bot account to help minimize the inclusion on these services.

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