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Het is an abbreviation for heterosexual, and is used to label a story as having a straight couple as the main pairing.



Harry Potter gen, het, slash mentions on blogs according to IceRocket for the past three months as of June 28, 2007.

Historical Definitions

The following definition dates to February 1999 on cmshaw's Fan Glossary as specific to media fandom:

het, adj. Refers to fanfic featuring or fictional situations depicting two people of different genders romantically and/or sexually involved. May also refer to fanfic with protagonists recognizably straight (in the modern sense), although the presence or absence of straight characters is not usually considered worthy of remark. [3]

The following definition dates to May 2001 in the West Wing fandom:

Gen/Het/Slash: categories of fan fiction, used in a wide variety of fandoms. "Gen" is short for "General" and refers to any and all stories that aren't centered on sexual or romantic relationships. "Het" refers to a story centered on a heterosexual relationship, though it's a less common term than the other two. "Slash" refers to a story centered on a same-sex pairing. It originates from Star Trek stories featuring the Kirk/Spock relationship, but applies to female/female as well as male/male pairings. Slash is hard to do well. It's the redheaded stepchild of fan fiction, and is banned from certain lists. Check for clearance before you post. [4]

The following definition dates to the Roswell fandom on June 27, 2001:

het: short for heterosexual (as in het UC, het smut, het foof) [5]

The following term dates to December 2001 in the Harry Potter fandom:

Het: Sometimes short for "heterosexual sex/relationships/situations".[6]

The following definition dates to August 2003 in the Gundam Wing fandom:

Het: Heterosexual relationships (girls with boys)[7]

Het was defined by Jill Marsh on alt.fan.cecil-adams on October 28, 2003 as:

Heterosexual fanfic is usually called "het".

The following definition dates to December 5, 2005 in the Thunder Cats fandom:

het: Short for 'heterosexual', denoting fan fiction that features either implied or bluntly portrays a heterosexual relationship between two or more characters. [8]

The following definition is was written by Jane Leavell and updated in June 2006:

HET: Story or fanzine with explicit scenes of heterosexual sexual acts. See also: SLASH and GEN.[9]

The following definition dates to November 2007 in anime fandom:

Het: Heterosexual love (boy x girl) [10]


Below, sorted by fandom, are examples of hetfic.


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