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Highlander started as a zine and on-line fandom shortly after the show premièred in 1992.


Highlander, the television series, was inspired by movies of the same name. Duncan MacLeod is one of a race of Immortals who live in secret among us. He is a cousin of Connor MacLeod from the Highlander movies. These Immortals cannot die unless their head is cut off. The series follows the life of Duncan MacLeod, his life, his challenges, and his love interests.

The Cast

Adrian Paul - Duncan MacLeod

Stan Kirsch - Ritchie Ryan

Jim Brynes - Joe Dawson

Elizabeth Gracen - Amanda

Alexandra Vandernoot - Tessa Noel

Peter Wingfield - Methos


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

  • Clan denial is a group of Highlander fans who refuse to believe that the character Richie is dead.

Fan works policy

In its early history, it faced some turbulence. In 1996, a Highlander fanzine received cease and desist letter. (Farmer, V.)


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.

1992 to 1998

  • Highlander was in its first run on television.


  • The term beta reader may have been used as early as this year in the Highlander fan fiction community. (estirose)


  • The alt.tv.highlander and alt.tv.highlander.creative newsgroups are created, allowing broad fiction content including adult and slash.
  • Highlander fans were active in publishing fanzines. Among ones published this year were Immortal Tales.
  • By this time, the HLFIC-L mailing list had been founded on psu.edu’s server for the publishing of and discussion of Highlander fan fiction.



  • By 1996, the term drabble was used in the Highlander fan fiction community. This convention was somewhat popular, with several drabbles from that year floating around on the Internet at the present.
  • A Highlander fanzine received a cease and desist letter.
  • By October of this year, the term betareading was being used in this fan fiction community on the Usenet group alt.tv.highlander.
  • In late 1996 The Highlander Quill Club comes on line, a multi-author archive host by Eng and admitting gen, het, adult, and slash fanfiction via submission. The HLQC was noted for its intense graphical nature, illustrations offered by the site maintainer Eng. The archive is still on-line but is no longer updated. HLQC. In 1997 Eng produced the first compilation of all submissions in zine format. It was available only to site contributors (at no charge), and was some 400 pages long.

1996 to 1997

  • During this period, a long debate broke out on HLFIC-L in regards to the male version of Mary Sue. The debate asked the question of whether it was possible to have a male Mary Sue. After some consensus was reached that this was possible, the list reached another general consensus as to call this particular fannish animal. The name they arrived at: Marty Sam. (Perkins, W.)


  • By April of this year, fanon was a word being used in this community.
  • The ROG_List was started in 1997 by Jenny Shipp as a slash-friendly character-specific forum for fans. The ROG-L list had a capped membership due to the fact that it was a paid listserver, rather than an educational (free) one.


  • The Seventh-Dimension Highlander Fanfiction Archive comes on line, run and maintained by Ann Fountain. The all-inclusive archive is text-based and welcomes gen, het, adult and slash. Host to thousands of Highlander fanfics, the archive was reported temporarily off-line in 2006 but was again available in early 2007.
  • In February 1998, Sci-Fi Entertainment ran an article on fan fiction. It referenced the Highlander fan fiction community. An extract of a relevant section of the article says:
There's also high-volume activity associated with Star Trek (referred to here as a aggregate for all four series, although currently Voyager seems to be leading to the greatest fanfic response ) and Lois and Clark: The New Adventure of Superman. But there are other, too: Star Wars, Babylon 5, Sliders, Xena, Dr. Who, Quantum Leap, Highlander, SeaQuest DSV, Beauty and the Beast - all of these popular science fiction and fantasy series have sites dedicated to the stories and characters of those universes.


  • In 1999, Rudy Leon characterized the fandom as being composed mostly of women. Rudy Leon on the For discussion of feminist SF, fantastic & utopian literature mailing list could only think of two male members in the fan fiction writing community. Rudy also characterized immortality as one discussed in the fan fiction from the point of view what does it mean to live forever, how do you relate to people you know you are going to outlive, the inability to prevent loved ones death and more. It was then asked if this sort of response was a gendered one.


  • Sometime around June of 2000, the site Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! was created by Siubhan and Joan the English Chick. The site, last updated in January of 2001, introduced or helped further the concept of badfic into a number of additional fan fiction communities, including this one. Unlike some badfic websites or sites which just pointed out badfic, as in of accidental inferior quality, the site had deliberate badfic and explanations as to what was not right with the story, what made the story bad.







In 2007, it comes out that a 12 year old published author plagiarized a piece of French Highlander fan fiction. [7] The author plagiarized a story by Fédéric Jeorge titled Des cendres et du vent written in 2001. [8][9]

Influential Fanworks

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Fan Fiction

There is a tradition of writing fan fiction in this community. It dates back to fanzines.

See also Highlander fanzines.

Fandom Members

Below is a partial list of Highlander fans.

See also Category:Highlander fans.

Fandom size


Comparative size of fandom based on archive sizes from November 2006
Same chart as above only including Quizilla totals from December 2006

As of November 22, 2006 there are 245 stories on Twisting the Hellmouth [10] and 1,267 stories on FanFiction.Net. [11]


See Highlander LiveJournal community size.

External Links

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