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House M.D. is a medical drama which premiered on November 16, 2004 on the FOX Network. The eponymous Dr. Gregory House, with his snarky personality, has quickly attracted fans. Largely fashioned after the classic Sherlock Holmes stories in character set-ups, the fandom in general (and the close friendship between Dr. Gregory House and Dr. James Wilson in particular) has managed to draw in a considerable amount of slash fans in addition to the traditional shipping. Fanfiction and both het and slash pairings have been recognized by TPTB, as shown in frequent polls on the official website, often covering questions regarding[fanfiction and all kinds of ships; see Kerfluffles.

The fandom has a penchant for producing hilarious cartoons, often bordering on nonsense (such as Howse!!1 M.D.), conversing in capslock (e.g. Capslock House) and holding frequent fic exchanges. It's noteworthy that the het and slash ships seem to be in almost equal balance and manage to coexist mostly peacefully.

The Show

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Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

  • DDX is a common abbreviation used for Differential Diagnosis which is the team's main tool for solving the mystery.
  • Ducklings is an affectionate term used by the fans for Dr. House's team, reflecting their habit of walking behind House.
  • Lupus is a popular answer offered by the team during the usual DDX as a possible cause for the patient's condition and which up till now has never been accurate. (Quote House: "It's never lupus," episode 3.09)
  • POTW is short for "Patient of the Week" and refers to the show's habit of always having a new case and patient in the focus of every episode as part of the show's everyplot style.
  • Wombat is a nickname that fanon has bestowed upon Dr. Chase in reference to Dr. House's referring to him indirectly as a "scared wombat" in episode 1.22.
  • Wouse is a portmanteau of the names Wilson and House and implies a slash relationship between the two. The term is interchangable with Hilson.
  • Hilson is a portmanteau of the names House and Wilson and implies a slash relationship between the two. The term is interchangable with Wouse.
  • Hameron is a portmanteau of the names House and Cameron and implies a romantic relationship between the two.
  • Huddy is a portmanteau of the names House and Cuddy and implies a romantic relationship between the two.
  • Chameron is a portmanteau of the names Chase and Cameron and implies a romantic relationship between the two.


Below is a partial list of events that took place in this fandom.




Icerocket Trend Tracker: House, Battlestar Galatica, Supernatural.



Shows on-line episode viewing preferences, official site vs. hulu, of fans of the show.


  • In April 7, 2009, the House M.D. Wikia wiki really exploded with a lot of new edits because of a character committing suicide. [22]




An early screencapture of the poll from October 26, 2006.

In October 2006 a minor shipwar erupted when posted a poll on its official website asking visitors to vote on their favorite pairings, allowing the options "House and Cameron", "House and Cuddy" and "House and Wilson". Especially the House/Cameron and House/Wilson faction were engaged in a fierce battle, clamoring for support in their respective forums and voting repeatedly to push their ship [24] [25] [26] [27]. The poll ultimately clocked in on November, 16 with almost two million votes and 25% for "House and Cameron", 14% for "House and Cuddy" and 58% for "House and Wilson".

House MD friendsfriends spoiler wank

In April, 2009, a kerfluffle broke out over some fans intentionally and purposefully giving spoilers for the show on Livejournal, and others - who did not want to read spoilers - stumbling across them while reading their friendsfriends. The situation wanked shortly after that with an appearance by several people who had been participants in previous metamobs.[citation needed]

The Internet




Influential Fanworks

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Fandom Members

Fandom Size

Story totals from random fandoms are from FanWorks.Org, FicWad, SkyHawke, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net, MediaMiner.Org, FanFiction.Net and FanLib as of June 13, 2007.

February 2007

As of February 10, 2007 the general fandom LiveJournal community House_md counted 3,902 members. Of the popular ship-specific communities, House_Wilson counted 1,942 members, House_Cameron 1,764 members, House_Cuddy 854 members and House_Chase 617 members. The FanFiction.Net category for House featured 4,745 stories.

January 2008

As of January 1, 2008, there are 3,363 fans on FanPop [44], and 68 stories, 2 videos, 1 poem and 1 images on FanLib. [45]

As of January 30, 2008, there were 8,673 stories on FanFiction.Net, 72 stories, 2 videos and 1 poem on FanLib, House_md had 4326 members, House_Wilson had 2906 members, House_Cameron had 2202 members, House_Cuddy had 1434 members, House_Chase had 842 members and there are 3,671 fans on FanPop [46].

June 2008

As of June 23, 2008, there were 4,932 fans on FanPop. [47]

May 2009

As of May 30, 2009, there were 14,545 stories on FanFiction.Net, House_md had 5179 members, House_Wilson had 4209 members, House_Chase had 1139 members, House_Cameron had 2623 members, House_Cuddy had 2651 members.

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