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This show has a small, active fan fiction community on FanFiction.Net and Livejournal. The large majority of shipping and fanfiction pairs the characters Barney and Robin.

The Show

HIMYM is a sitcom about the escapades of five twenty-thirtysomething friends living in New York City. The show has the framing device of the lead character, Ted Mosby, narrating the events of how he met their mother (hence the title) to his teenaged children in the year 2030.


  • Ted Mosby, the hero. A thirty-year old architect who is hopelessly romantic, throughout the series he searches for love. In the future he marries and has two children, but we do not yet know who his future wife is. For the first two seasons he was romantically pursuing/involved with Robin Scherbatsky, but in the season two finale they broke it off, although they did briefly hook up in "Slapsgiving" and "Benefits". During late season three and early season four, Ted was with Stella Zinman, a dermatologist he met when removing a tattoo, but she left him at the altar for the father of her daughter Lucy.
  • Marshall Eriksen
  • Lily Aldrin
  • Barney Stinson
  • Robin Scherbatsky


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As the fandom is relatively small, few kerfluffles have been created.

Fandom members

Fandom size

As of January 25, 2008, there are 777 fans on FanPop. [20] As of January 24, 2009, there are 430 members of the LJ community himym_fic and 694 members of the LJ community barneyrobin.

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