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ScribbLit was created in response to the events of StrikeThrough in August 2007. It is a fan run blogging site similar to JournalFen.


As of March 2008, Scribblit, a LiveJournal clone, was in beta testing and not open to the public. On April 7th, 2008, Twocorpses, the founder of Scribblit, handed the project over to her SysOp, Kit[1]. It was announced that Kit would be changing the name and theme of the service. At the time of Twocorpses leaving, Scribblit is still in beta testing mode and not open to the public.

On April 8th, Kit posted a message regarding the future of the site. It was stated that if the majority of users were unhappy with him as maintainer, he would hand the project over to somebody else or take it down all together. Scribblit/Vote out the founder April 8, 2008 message

In April 2008, the site changes its name to Inksome.

On May 1, 2008, Inksome is opened to the public for paid accounts. Accounts can also be obtained through invite codes from existing users.


Date Total Accounts That are active in some way That have ever posted an entry That have posted an entry in last 30 days That have posted an entry in the last 7 days That have posted an entry in the last 24 hours
December 27, 2009 30323 1605 8869 692 283 79

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