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Ithilwen K-Bane is a fan fiction writer who joined in 2003. She has participated in various fandoms under a number of pseudonyms. She is known as Ithilwen on and and as Darkfrog24 on Livejournal. She is known for her humor and her aggressive defense of script and play formats (which she considers distinct from chat fiction) as valid formats for quality fanfiction and original works.


General biography

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Ithilwen K-Bane is known as Ithilwen on and and as Darkfrog24 on Livejournal. Before instituted the one-user-one-name policy, she, like several other users, was known simply as "Ithilwen." After discovering that her username had been changed (to Ithilwen4) without her permission, she decided to correct the problem by aqnnouncing a "Name That Me" contest in the author's notes of the then-in-progress 'fic, This Can't Be Good.


Below is a partial timeline of this person's involvement in fandom:

Ithilwen has participated in fandom under a variety of names. She was first seen on Prodigy bulletin boards.



Ithilwen is a self-professed non-shipper, or at least she was during the height of X-Files fandom. Neither a shipper nor a Noromo, she nevertheless created one comedic-romantic piece featuring Mulder and Scully after losing a bet to a heavy shipper. To date, this story has not been seen outside of the now-defunct Prodigy bulletin boards.

Any romance present in Ithilwen's stories tends to involve canon pairings, but friendship and closeness between other characters, such as between Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow in When We Meet Again and between Hojo and Kagome in This Can't Be Good are also seen.


Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists the person belonged to at some point.


  • Drink This! [21] (X-Files)
  • Avast! [22] (Inuyasha/Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • AllyOop! [23] (Inuyasha) (collection of hundred-word flashfics)
  • This Can't Be Good [24] (Inuyasha)
  • Zonked [25] (Inuyasha/Futurama)
  • Impressed [26] (Underworld)
  • In Sheep's Clothing [27] (Underworld)
  • Again [28] (Underworld)
  • Other Ways [29] (Inuyasha)
  • For What It's Worth [30] (Underworld)
  • Admirable [31] (Jane Austen)
  • When We Meet Again [32] (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Keeping Tabs [33] (Underworld/DC Comics)
  • Total Knockout [34] (Inuyasha)
  • The Horse and His Ignorant Meatshield [35] (Chronicles of Narnia) (Scriptfic)

Original pieces

Author's notes and side stories

Many of Ithilwen's stories include brief comedic scriptfic commentaries in the author's notes preceding and following each chapter. Most notably, This Can't Be Good featured a bookend story in which the faceless narrator annoys Youko Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. (This is the origin of the "K-Bane" portion of Ithilwen's username.) This story, which was well received by most reviewers, lasted from chapter three through chapter fifty and became more complex over time.[40] It was in this arc that she responded to readers and held a contest asking readers to choose a new username for her.[41] users Almaseti, Emerald Dragon and TankBBG and MediaMiner user MommyRogers all had guest spots on the Kurama Arc.

After banned all stories written in script/play format, Ithilwen asked the administration whether script format humor in the author's notes was in keeping with the rules. After she received no answer, she went back and edited the author's notes of over forty chapters into prose format, drawing attention to the change by having the narrator hand Kurama a glass of New and Improved Coca-Cola.[42] Chapters were posted with a brief note explaining that the original version could be found on MediaMiner and Sphere of Silence.

The "Selene vs. Anna Valerius" arc was removed from the version of In Sheeps Clothing that appears on, but the author's notes of Ithilwen's later stories are posted on and other archives in unchanged script format, though none of them are as long or detailed as the Kurama Arc.

  • Total Knockout has scriptfic recaps of Pride and Prejudice. [43]
  • In Sheep's Clothing has a scriptfic depicting Selene of Underworld and Anna Valerius of Van Helsing settling their differences in an arena. [44]


Ithilwen's longest story, "This Can't Be Good," received second and third place nominations from the Inuyasha fanguild, notably for her characterization of Miroku.

Interestingly, although Ithilwen's stories are often nominated in action-adventure categories, she usually classifies them as comedies.

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