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January 5

  • Jen Chism's "Always and Forever," a Mulder death story, which was posted January 5, 1995, was the first Mulder death story written in the X-Files fan fiction community.
  • On January 5, 2001, SugarQuill, one of the most influential sites in the Harry Potter fandom, was opened.
  • Warped Space 50 was published in January 1984. It contained Star Wars fan fiction. It was 99 pages long. In Warped Space #50, Paula Smith contributed an essay to ongoing dialogue about characterization issues in fan fiction. She discussed something known to fanzine readers and writers called “Langsam’s Law.” She is quoted by Langley as saying "special caveat for writing media-based fiction. Don't make an established character do or say something out of line with his established character, of if you must, give good, solid reasons why."
  • In January 1997, Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction Index was created by Xeno and premiered on the Internet. This index linked stories from various sites across the Internet and categorized them to help Xena reader's find stories that were otherwise scattered across a multitude of pages. (Lunacy)

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