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In fandom, a kerfluffle is a fight. The fight may or may not be wanky. It may or may not involve a BNF. Kerfluffles can be over canon, over actions of other fans, over ships.


Blake's 7

The Blake's 7 fandom has kerfluffled over the issue of making money off of fan fiction and conventions. Most of this happened during the mid to late 1980s.

Fandom Wank

An example of a kerfluffle from Fandom Wank was deleted, during Deletegate. It caused an uproar by some of the members and lots of anger.

Harry Potter

There are several examples of kerfluffles in the Harry Potter fandom. One such kerfluffle involved writing what people called pedofic, stories featuring minors involved in sex acts. Another kerfluffle was the Great Ship War in 2000 which led to the eventual creation of Sugar Quill.

Hate Memes

There have been multiple kerfluffles over hate memes and their role in the fannish community. A lot of people hate them for their anonimity. Some people think they are a healthy way to vent feelings.

Real Person Fic

Fandom has repeatedly fought over this topic for years and years. Is it right? Is it ethical? Is it legal? Both sides are rather entrenched in their views.

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