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Kim Possible is a Disney cartoon that began its airing run in 2002. Done in traditional two-dimensional cell animation, the show immediately gained popularity for its clever writing and storylines. The protagonist and title character Kim Possible is surrounded by a large and varied supporting cast, including her partner-in-crime Ron Stoppable and many others.

Perhaps most notable about the cartoon and its fandom is that a grassroots campaign[1] saved Kim Possible from Disney's 'sixty-five episode' policy, which tends to cut short the lives of even the most popular Disney produced cartoons. Fan uproar was so loud that more episodes were ordered, and set an aptly possible precedent for saving other current Disney cartoons from the same cancellation fate.

The cartoon and canon

Kim Possible is the creation of Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle. In June of 2002 the first episodes aired on the Disney Channel, and the tale of a crime fighting cheerleader and her goofy sidekick and best friend began. Kim Possible, a play on the word impossible, is 'a basic average girl' as the theme song claims. Yet aside from the fact that she is a high school cheerleader, she is anything but. The daughter of a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, she consistently saves the world from a cast of eccentric villains with the help of her lifelong best friend Ron Stoppable and his pet naked mole rat, Rufus. For more information about the other characters and subplots see the Kim Possible page on Wikipedia or, one of the largest Kim Possible fan pages on the internet.

Generally fandoms tend to focus on pairings either platonic or romantic. As stated by the creators Bob and Mark during one of the many chats between fans and creators on, the main characters Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were always meant to get together in what was originally intended to be the series finale, 'So the Drama.' After being renewed for a fourth season, the relationship between the two blossomed into full blown love. After the season four finale producer of the show Steve Loter revealed in another chat that the two would indeed attend the same university after the show ended with graduation from high school. This is the extent of canon provided by the creators of the show.

Another pairing introduced in a last minute decision by Steve, Bob and Mark, was Dr. Drakken and Shego. Loter said that they put it in at the end strictly for the fans of D/S even though aside from 'Emotion Sickness' there was no hint of any romantic attraction between the two in four seasons of episodes. In fact Shego often was seen as a mercenary for hire, working with villains such as Motor Ed, Senor Senior Sr. and Junior. Even going so far as making Drakken her subordinate in the season two finale 'A Sitch in Time.'

Another important piece of canon was the 'elimination' of Monkey Fist after the season four episode 'Oh No, Yono.' When he was turned to stone after an unsuccessful attempt to defeat Ron Stoppable and his adopted sister Hana.

Although there has been no direct confirmation, it seems likely that the alien invaders Warhok and Warmonga were killed in the final battle of 'Graduation,' when Ron aided by his now fully blossomed monkey powers threw the two into their crashing spaceship, where it appeared that they were vaporized in the explosion.


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

In addition, there are a number of terms in the Kim Possible Fandom that designate when the story takes place

  • "'Pre-Show'" refers to any fanfiction taking place before the shows beginning in Kim and Ron's Freshman year of High School.
  • "'Pre-STD'" refers to any fanfiction taking place before the season three finale movie (originally the series finale), So The Drama.
  • "'Post-STD'", refers to any fanfiction taking place after the season three finale movie (originally the series finale), So The Drama.
  • "'Pre-S4'" refers to any fanfiction taking place before the beginning of season four. The reason that both Pre-S4 and Post STD are used is because a number of fans choose to ignore season four in their fics, and use STD as the ending of the show.
  • "'Post-S4'" refers to any fanfiction taking place after season four.
  • '"College Fic"' refers to any fic taking place while Kim and Ron are in college.

The Fandom

The Kim Possible fandom has large and active, diverse fanbase.


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.









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Influential fanworks

Fandom members

See also Category:Kim Possible fans.

Fandom size

As of February 2007, there are 5000 stories on FanFiction.Net [34], 84 fans on FanPop [35] and 11 stories on FanLib. [36]

See also Kim Possible fan fiction community size.

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