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Lee Goldberg is the American author of television novelized tie-ins and has written episodes of several television shows including SeaQuest DSV.

Lee Goldberg is adamantly anti-fanfic and has ranted about fan fiction numerous times. This includes weighing in on the incident involving CousinJean, Harry Potter fan fiction, Fanthropology, and cartoon sex fan fiction. His attacks date back to 2004 and go after the legitimacy of fan fiction as a genre due to its participants not getting paid for their work. Because his current income is derived from writing tie-ins to television shows like Murder She Wrote and Monk, many members of the fan fiction members consider him a hypocrite.[1] His position in the fan fiction community is not helped in that many of his supporters on his blog are little-known professional authors.

Lee Goldberg's rants are speculated to be the reason some fan fiction writers have written Real Person Fic/Real Person Slash about him, pairing him with authors who support his position on fan fiction on his blog or people who loudly dissent with him on his blog. A number of of these stories have been posted in the comments of Fandom Wank.

In December 2007, he weighed in on the Organization for Transformative Works.

On September 7, 2009, Lee Goldberg made a post about Lady Sybilla and Russet Noon. [2]

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