Legal issues in the fandom community in 2009

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Below is a partial list of legal issues in the fan fiction community in 2009.


Finally today, fans of the Chrono Trigger video games will be very disappointed to know that a fan-made sequel to the game entitled Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes is no more. The game received a cease and desist letter from the makers of Chrono Trigger, Square Enix and the team behind the mod has ceased operations.
What makes this case unusual is that the fan-made mod had been in development since 2004 and was 98% complete according to its makers. Why Square Enix waited until now to file the notice? Where they unaware of the mod until recently or was there some other motive behind waiting until just before the game’s release?
Whatever the reason, the mod is dead now and all that remains are a couple of YouTube clips showing what might have been. [2]
  • In June 2009, Darryn Walker, 35, from South Tyneside, was cleared of obscenity charges related to a story he published online that the featured kidnap and murder of Girls Aloud. [3]
  • In August 2009, apparently received a Cease & desist letter from Summit over fan-made Twilight t-shirts and other merchandise being sold on the site. This was apparently the second C&D letter they had received regarding this matter (the first in November 2008, both of which they ignored. In October 2009, Summit launched a lawsuit against over the matter.[4]
We notice that you're planning to hold a "Harry Potter Night at the Underground Restaurant" on 30th - 31st October 2009 with a Harry Potter style menu and butterbeer (the "Harry Potter Nights") and that tickets are being sold for the Harry Potter Nights on While we are delighted that you are such a fan of the Harry Potter series, unfortunately your proposed use of the Harry Potter Properties (as we explain below) without our consent would amount to an infringement of Warner's rights.[5]
  • In November 2009, information about international copyright law changes were leaked. These changes would adversely affect fandom. [6]
  • In November 2009, "Google has been ordered by a Brazilian court to pay Formula One racing driver Rubens Barrichello $500,000 in damages for the presence of fake online profiles of the driver on its social network Orkut, which is hugely popular in the man’s home country. " [7]
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