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Leonard Nimoy played Spock in the original Star Trek.

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Fan Fiction

According to asparrow16 on April 15, 2006, the first pieces of Star Trek actorfic were not with out their critics at that time.

The stories were not condemned in fandom. Later though, as slash became more prevelant and this material became viewed as an invasion of privacy, its acceptability would decline. The material would become almost taboo, with few if any references to it.

The Star Trek fan fiction community had long been intolerant of ActorFic. Most of the examples that were present in the fandom by this time were written with the consent of the actors involved or had the actors in plot lines that were fundamentally about exploring the canon universe, with the actors as a vehicle to do this. On-line, at places like alt.startrek.creative, the canon exploration was frequently met with casual indifference. By 2004, this had begun to change. Around this time, some Star Trek: Voyager Janeway/Seven shippers had begun quietly circulating via e-mail and on message boards erotic stories featuring Kate Mulgrew/Jeri Ryan . This was a marked shift for the community, even if this material was not being embraced by the wider fandom.

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