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Founders naraht, elfwreck
Date founded May 17, 2009
Fandoms Fail, metafandom
link Linkspam
Status active
Size 431 (as of October 4, 2009)



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naraht (current), elfwreck (former)

Community history

Effective immediately, linkspam will be going on a temporary hiatus. This is to allow time to recruit a broader team of linkspammers and to develop policies that will hopefully re-affirm the community's commitment to anti-oppression work.
elf has agreed to step down as moderator and maintainer. As the co-maintainer of the community, I take full responsibility for not having stepped in earlier to moderate the discussions that have occurred over the past few days. I took my eye off the ball and I apologize for that.
Comments on this entry will be closed. Please feel free to PM me with comments or concerns, and particularly if you are interested in becoming a part of the linkspam team. I will be on holiday for the following week but will do my best to respond promptly as soon as I return.
ETA: Due to the hiatus and to my upcoming absence, I am freezing discussion on the earlier posts.[1]


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