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The Show

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Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

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Beta Reader - A proofreader, someone who reads through a draft of a story and makes suggestions ranging from corrections to grammar and spelling, to comments on plot and characterization.

George and Lynn Fic - a clandestine name for fanfics about actors Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher.

Gfic - Any fanfiction that is rated PG-13 or less.

Nfic - A category of fanfiction that must be rated R or higher, whether due to language, graphic violence, or explicit depictions of nudity and/or sex. Abbreviation of "Naughty Fanfiction", due to a pervasive mental association with smut.

Tank Ending - Named for fanfic author Tank Wilson, refers to an abrupt, cataclysmic downer ending, usually though not always fake, and often containing a high death-toll.


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.



  • The Lois and Clark fan fiction community was busy by 1994. Their biggest archive was created by this time. They had a Usenet group. The community was using IRC to communicate in real time.
  • On April 26, 1994, Lois and Clark premièred on television in France. [2]
  • On August 25, 1994, Lois and Clark premièred on television in Germany. [3]
  • On November 27, 1994, Lois and Clark premièred on television in Sweden. [4]




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There's also high-volume activity associated with Star Trek (referred to here as a aggregate for all four series, although currently Voyager seems to be leading to the greatest fanfic response ) and Lois and Clark: The New Adventure of Superman. But there are other, too: Star Wars, Babylon 5, Sliders, Xena, Dr. Who, Quantum Leap, Highlander, SeaQuest DSV, Beauty and the Beast - all of these popular science fiction and fantasy series have sites dedicated to the stories and characters of those universes.
There's the example of Lois and Clark, where fans opted to pursue the series fifth season on their own. "We were inspired by the cliffhanger final episode and one of the show's writers coming on-line and telling us what they were starting to plan for the fifth season," recalls Leanne Shawler, who coordinated this fifth season effort - one of five available on the Net - that's posted at http://www.lcfanfic.com/thm-s5.htm. "There are 19 writers doing 22 episodes and six editors to go over each episode. Instalments are posted once a week to our website and to the general fanfic mailing list - with a December pre-emption and a couple of others here and there so we can stretch things out until the season would normally end on TV - in May."










On the * Lois and Clark Message Board, two distinct groups of fan fiction writers began flaming each other over accusations of plagiarism, award fixing and descended into Lilliputian pettiness. The board owner felt their chronic warring was hurting fans who had no stake in the fanfic battle and so she delivered an ultimatum to both sides of the conflict. Basically the ultimatum stated that if one side or the other had not found a new place to post fanfic within a specified amount of time, she would close the fanfic forums on her site, thus forcing an end to the bitter flame wars. One group left and opened their own board which put an end to the incessant flame wars.

Influential Fanworks

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Fandom Members

See Lois and Clark fans for a fandom directory.

Fandom Size

As of December 28, 2007, there are 32 works on FanLib, 31 of which are stories and 1 which is a screenplay. [34] As of December 28, 2007, there are 127 fans on FanPop [35], 431 stories on FanFiction.Net [36], 3,173 stories on The Lois & Clark Fanfic Archive [37] and an uncounted number of works in progress on two Lois and Clark message boards: Zoomway's board [38] and the Lois and Clark Fanfic Messageboard [39].

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Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

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