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lol_meme is an anonymous meme on Dreamwidth, though previously on JournalFen. It shows some similarities to a hate meme, but BNF-bashing is far outweighed by joke-telling, discussion of current events, requests for advice, and wank. This broadness of focus, along with its moderators' efforts to delete or screen anything in blatant violation of JournalFen's terms of service, has allowed it to avoid the deletion that most other anonymous memes face. The anon commenters come from many fandoms, the most prominent being Harry Potter, Heroes, bandslash, House, Doctor Who, LOTR, and Japanese and Korean pop music, and comments include fandom standbys like picspams, badfic reposting, and meta discussions of various levels of seriousness.


lol_meme came about in August 2006, in the wake of Aja's deletion of the popular pandamemes. It also gained many participants after being featured on Clairvoyant Wank (though that wank report has since been deleted). Now, the meme logs thousands of comments a day, and maintains a list of "known memers" numbering at least one hundred.

lol_meme is quite persistent. In late March 2007, JournalFen went down because of a Denial of Service attack. This took lol_meme with it. Because of this, the meme was moved to GreatestJournal. [1][2][3] Even after JournalFen's problems were addressed, the meme was still having some what sporadic updates on GreatestJournal.

On May 10, 2007 lol_meme hit one million comments, on or around page 30 of Post 193. Celebrations were had, and madness prevailed.

On September 30, 2007, the Organization for Transformative Works's volunteer positions were being plugged on the meme. [4]

Outing people

lol meme is a meme on JournalFen where outing happens on a regular basis. The people who maintain lol_meme make an effort to remove instances where meme participants connect people who are known to want to not have their real names connected to their fan names, people like Cassandra Claire. They remain diligent at this task. There are some exceptions that have changed over time, where they are no longer as diligent and will allowing "outings" to remain with out being deleted. One example includes Naomi Novik.

The culture on the meme permits this for the lulz. It makes following the meme educational as you can find out fandom secrets like these identities that fans are not careful enough in protecting. Outing is perfectly acceptable and view that way by the participants.

People who have been outed on lol_meme include:

Example threads by topic

Cassandra Claire

Cassandra Claire, whose real name was revealed on lol_meme by an anonymous poster once suspected to be Angua9, is a regular target of ire and mockery. Memers rarely refer to her by her fandom name, however, perhaps fearing that this would draw Claire's or Heidi8's attention via search engine hits.

Fandom Wank

The overlap between lol_meme commenters and Fandom Wank readers is considerable, though estimates about its specific size vary. Fandom Wank in-jokes appear frequently on lol_meme, as do commentaries on Wank-community posts and big-name wankas. A vocal minority pursues an ongoing jihad against Fandom Wank and all mentions thereof.


lol_meme will wank about anything. Anything. Most wank-topics, however, touch in some way on race, class, or gender.


Doctor Who

Harry Potter

Prince of Tennis

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