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Lunacon is a litarary science fiction convention. It is held in Rye Brook, New York annually, commonly on the third weekend of March. It is organized by the New York Science Fiction Society, more commonly known as The Lunarians. The convention typically includes an art show, anime programming, panel discussions, filk, gaming, and a masquerade.

Status active
Genre science fiction, literary
Location Rye Brook, New York, United States
Sponsor The Lunarians
First held 1956



Impact on fandom

2009 controversy

  • Fannish behavior at the 2009 convention caused some controversy after the event. rm posted on LiveJournal about their experiences at the con, in a post entitled Con Behavior: Clues for Free. While many agreed with the points raised, others used it as a jumping point for criticizing fen of different body types creating some kerfluffles in the comments. The issue of conventions being a "safe space" for those with various socialization skill problems, and whether that should continue to be encouraged or discarded in an effort to make conventions more "mainstream", was also addressed.


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Dealers who have been present at past Lunacons include:

Fans attending

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