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The original archive artwork logo by sockii.



  • Master and Apprentice is an archive that was originally launched as a home for Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon slash fiction based on the film Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It quickly expanded to include Jedi fiction including other characters from the Star Wars prequels and associated novels, including Xanatos from the Jedi Apprentice books. Currently, it is the largest archive of Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon fiction on the Internet with over 4,000 stories archived.

The Archivists

  • sockii was the original archivist, with the assitance of elo_sf in programming. A changing team of volunteer assistant archivists helped with uploading of stories.
  • The archive is currently maintained by Lori with hosting provided by Lorrie.

Archive Policies

Full archive policies can be found on the submission page.[1] Major policies of the archive include:

  • No fiction involving under-15 year old characters in sexual situations.
  • Stories should have a slash or pre-slash focus
  • No RPF

Archive History

  • On May 19, 1999, the Master and Apprentice archive was founded by sockii, originally on simplenet but by the end of the year it had moved to a new home on with the programming and hosting assistance of elo_sf. The archive was formed in association with a yahoogroup of the same title, where stories were posted before archiving on the website. Rose Ferguson was originally co-moderator of the mailing list with sockii, but stepped down after becoming uncomfortable with the proliferation of chan fiction and the policy of allowing it to be posted to the yahoogroup, even if it would not be posted to the archive.
  • sockii notes that many of the first wave of Master and Apprentice writers came from a number of other large, established slash fandoms of the time, most notably The Sentinel, Highlander and Due South. There was in fact even a backlash against the fandom by some members of these other fandoms for having "stolen" their best writers. Master and Apprentice was called by some "The Fandom That Ate Cincinatti".
  • This archive was also important in that it seems to have set the trend of writing stories based on media BEFORE the media hits the public. (fishgoat on LiveJournal) That said, the original founders of the archive had seen the film and can only recollect one author having posted Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan fan-fiction on-line before the release of the movie. (sockii)
  • The term chan, in western fan fiction communities, dates to the Master and Apprentice mailing list. In 1999, members of this Star Wars fan fiction list started using the term to mean any story featuring a sexual relationship between an adult and someone past puberty but under 18. By 1999, people from the Gundam Wing fandom had migrated to the Star Wars fandom. They brought with them several new terms to their new fandom. Among the terms they brought with them was chan.
  • Jane Harmon notes usage of the terms Obichan and Chanslash on the Star Wars mailing list, Master and Apprentice, during 1999 and the early 2000s. While chan fiction was allowed to be posted to the mailing list, it was not saved on the website archive and would continue to be a topic of many kerfuffles among fandom members.
  • In September of 2001, a large kerfuffle broke out over the production of archive story cds by elo_sf. At the time, the future of the archive was uncertain as elo_sf was having problems with his server resulting in significant, unpredictable downtime for the site. The cds were produced and offered to members of the Master and Apprentice yahoogroup at a nominal ($10) cost to cover production and postage, and in fact similar cds had been produced and offered the year before in 2000 without objection. Several authors who had posted stories to the archive earlier but had since left the fandom (including Laura Jacques Valentine, basingstoke, and siubhan) found out about the cds in squidge chat and became outraged, accusing elo_sf and sockii of profiting off of their writing and publishing them on cd without their consent. They demanded to have their fiction removed from the archive and production of the cds ceased. By this point, sockii was no longer active in the fandom and elo_sf never had been except to assist with technical management, so both walked away from the archive and handed it over to Lori, who took over maintenance duties and found new hosting with Lorrie.
  • The original mailing list and its archive of backposts on yahoogroups was lost in 2003, resulting in the formation of a new master apprentice mailing list on August 20, 2003.

The Archive and mailing list are both still active: Master and Apprentice Fan Fiction Archive

Archive Funding

  • The archive was originally funded by sockii out of pocket. Some funding donations came in from the archive cds and as additional donations at the time in 2000 and 2001.
  • The current funding situation is unknown.

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