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Michael staying on Earth for Maria in the Season 2 finale 'Departure'



Michael/Maria is a conventional Roswell pairing featuring Michael Guerin and Maria Deluca. They are considered canon in both the television series created by Jason Katims and in the books by Melinda Metz and Laura J. Burns.


The pairing of Michael/Maria is often referred to as 'Candy'. This is because the first names of the characters both began with the letter M (M&Ms = candy). Candy shippers are known as 'candies', although they have been also referred to as 'candy clanners' and 'kinky candies' in the past.

Fan History

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Fan Fiction

Popular Candy Stories

Sorted into alphabetical order by author:

Mysteries, Shattered, Amends and Shan'taran'a (Forever) by Anla

Beautiful, Crusader's Night, Death Of The Oleander and Loving The Enemy by April

Doo 'awéé ééhoozIIh da - The Lost Child by ArchAngel1973

Belong To Me, Bounty Hunter, Entitled and Once Upon A Murder by Becky

Life's Weird, Tempestuous and The Shadow by Belit

Lost In America and Watercress Creek by candylovespell

Routines and The Arrangement by Chicky

The Hunted by Denise

Out Of Darkness, Rebels And Saviors, Switched/Switchback, The Day We Never Kissed, The Praetorians and Those Left Behind by DocPaul

Persephone's Footfalls by Elizabeth

The Truths About Dating And Mating by Fehrbaby

Codename: TABASCO by Island Breeze

Empire of Dust, Inspired and Raw Fish by Kateafur

Cat and Mouse, More Than Sometimes and Riding Waves of Doubt by Katjen

Masques: An M&M 'Little Shop' Fic and Unmasqued by kLyn

Satisfied by Lavender

Premise by Lilah

One For The Alien by Lux

Whisper Scream by Mnemosyne

Sparks by Natalie

From Within, Love Story series and When I Have Fears by Shelbecat

Here Be Dragons by Tequathisy

Deseo by That Maria Girl

Forced Together by Vallygirl

Taming Michael by Vera and Zia

Skeletons and The Short-Term Fix by Yettaren

External Links

Michael/Maria Sites

Sorted into alphabetical order:

Addiction Candy Fanfiction - fanfiction by candyspark

Belit's Planet (via web.archive.org) - fanfiction archive

Candy is Dandy - message board and fanfiction archive

'Cause We Know How To Pass The Time (via web.archive.org)- adult rated fanfiction archive

Electric Candy - fanfiction archive, gallery, videos, character info and message board

Kraving Candy Fanfic Archive - fanfiction archive

MM Addicted - Livejournal community with icons, fan art and cast news

M/M Fanfiction - fanfiction archive (via web.archive.org)

Porno Candy - Livejournal smut fic community

Roswell Desert Skies - candy section of general fanfiction archive

Roswell Underground (via web.archive.org)- fanfiction archive

Sugar Rush - fanfiction archive

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