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Minisinoo is a fan fiction writer who has been active since 2000. She began writing in X-Men, then moved on to Harry Potter, although she's written crossovers with X-Files and a few stories in Twilight. She is especially known for longer (novel-length) stories. She partially retired from writing fanfiction in 2010.


General biography

Minisinoo has been scribbling fiction since she was eleven years old and got bored with the usual "write a sentence that uses this vocabulary word" exercise in 6th grade English class. Her sentences turned into paragraphs, and the paragraphs turned into little stories . . . and her poor teacher let her get away with it. She even -- horror of horrors -- encouraged her.

Min comes by storytelling honestly. She's a storyteller from a long line of them. In native tradition, telling stories is sacred business: holy. Sure, storytellers tell stories to entertain, but Min likes to tell stories that might actually "mean something," too (and how's that for arrogant?). What she's doing writing fanfiction . . . well, even she hasn't figured that out yet. It sure don't pay the rent. Being serially monogamous in fandoms, she wrote in X-men for 6 years, then migrated to Harry Potter and has occasionally dabbled in Twilight.


Minisinoo entered fandom as a writer (in X-Men) in late 2000 and is still active, primarily in Harry Potter, but has also written for Twilight. She was active as a reader as far back as 1997, but partially retired from fanfiction in 2010.



Minisinoo is known more for writing specific characters than specific pairings. In X-Men, most of her stories involve Scott Summers. In Harry Potter, most of her stories involve Cedric Diggory.


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Known primarily as a novelist, Minisinoo typically writes about one or two less-popular characters in order to bring them to 3D life. In X-Men she is associated with Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey (Phoenix), but also with Warren Worthington (Angel) and Dani Moonstar (Mirage). In Harry Potter, she's associated with Cedric Diggory, usually in pairing with either Hermione Granger or Harry Potter. In Twilight, she's associated (somewhat) with Jasper Hale. She writes both "het" and "slash" fiction, as well as gen. Many of her novels deal with coming-of-age themes or are mysteries/thrillers.

In X-Men, Climb the Wind, her second novel published in 2001, went on to win several awards and be included in the CBFFA's Hall of Fame. Taking themes from Homer's Iliad, it dealt with the descent of the hero and his redemption. However a later pair of novels, Special: the genesis of Cyclops (completed in 2004) and Grail: a novel of resurrection (completed in late 2005) eventually eclipsed it in popularity. Special dealt with how Scott Summers turned from a street rat into the leader of the X-Men and Grail was a variant "X3," jumping off from the events that ended the X2 movie. About 3/4s of her X-Men fiction is set in the "movieverse," while the rest are set in the "comicverse." Other notable works included Lightning Over Elk River (comicverse, 2001), "Letters and Papers from Prison" (a movieverse short story featuring Rogue and dealing with Erik's survival of the Holocaust, 2001), An Accidental Interception of Fate (a movie prequel, completed in 2004), How the Leopard Changed her Spots (powerswap, 2004), and "In a Hotel 6 on Highway 5 After the 49s" (comicverse, 2002). In total, she's written 6 novels, 7 novellas and about 30 short stories for X-Men; 2 of those novellas are crossovers (X-Files and Harry Potter).

In Harry Potter, her first novel was Finding Himself, an alternate universe (AU) retelling of The Order of the Phoenix if Cedric Diggory had survived the graveyard. It was completed in 2006; it's sequel (Dulce et decorum est) was completed in 2010, just before her retirement. Her other most notable work is the Aorist Subjunctive novel-series, another "Cedric Lives" AU begun in 2006, but with a more radical departure from canon events. Four novel/las in the series were completed. In addition to these main works, she has written 17 short stories.

In Twilight, she has only five stories, all written in 2008 or 2009, three short, one novelette, and one novella. This novella, Cowboys & Indians, is probably the best known, and its sequel 'The Star Quilt' was published in 2009. The novelette, Beauty, Shining in Company with the Celestial Forms, was chosen as one of 5 examples of stellar Twilight fanfiction featured at the Movie Fanatic website in November 2008.

Random story facts of interest: + "Chocolate Milk" was the first fanfiction story written for the new Ultimate X-Men comicline. + "The Whole Chicken" has been translated into Russian and "Lopsided Tie" into Korean. + Three of her novels take themes from mythology -- Climb the Wind uses Homer's Iliad, Grail uses the British Grail myth, and Finding Himself uses the Celtic Summer King myth. + Her "Powerswap" challenge became a popular X-Men sub-genre for a while, generating over 50 short stories and spawning 3 role-playing games. + In her first year writing fanfiction, she won 9 awards in the 2002 CBFFAs, the most awarded ever to a single author in one year.


  • TWIFIC INDIE AWARDS 2009 -- Cowboys & Indians, Best Alternate History
  • THE QUIDDITCH PITCH 2008 -- Nature & Destiny, Editor's Choice for March
  • QUILL TO PARCHMENT 2007 -- Finding Himself, Judges' Choice (pairing), also runner up in Best Rare Pairings, Best Minor Character-Centric, Best Novel-Length (And there should be some irony award in having it take second in every category it was nominated in but winning only the judges' choice.)
  • THE GOBLETS 2007 -- Best Non-Canon Romance: Finding Himself, Best One-Shot: "The Best Thing I Ever Did"
  • GILDED GRANGERS 2007 -- Best Hermione-Hufflepuff: Finding Himself
  • Rec'ed by Know It Alls -- Aorist Subjunctive, Nature & Destiny, Finding Himself, "The Way I See It," "The Best Thing I Ever Did," "Little Things"
  • C-FAN Comic Book Fanfiction Awards (CBFFAs)
  • 2003: Best Romance, Best X-Men Media: An Accidental Interception of Fate, Best Series: Special: The Genesis of Cyclops, Best Adult: "In a Hotel Six on Highway Five, After the Forty-Nines," Fanfic Hall of Fame: Climb the Wind
  • 2002: Writer of the Year, Writer Hall of Fame, & Best New Writer, Best Original Character: Grace Kills-his-Horse, Best Mature, Best Serious: Climb the Wind, Best Erotica: Lightning Over Elk River, Best Alternate X (many authors): The Golden Goose
  • X-Day X-Men Awards: 2003, Best Novel: An Accidental Interception of Fate; Best Crossover: "Case X-1743: Unresolved"; 2002, Best Short Fiction: "Chocolate Milk"; 2001, Best Novel: Climb the Wind
  • The Heart of a Hero: Writer of the Year, 2002, Accidental Interception of Fate, Story of the Year, 2002'

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