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Missing scenes are a popular type of fan-fiction story, particularly for movie and television fandoms. Missing scene stories do just what their name suggests: describe scenes missing from an episode of a series (or part of a movie), generally to help explain characters' emotions and actions or expand upon events that are only partly seen on screen or just mentioned.

Missing scenes are found as part of gen, het and slash fiction equally. In 'ship fic, missing scenes may include romantic/erotic encounters that would not have made it on-screen or are not canon.

Missing scene fic is often written quickly after an episode airs, as a way fans react to the episode, expressing either their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with what happened. It is often some of the first fic written for a movie when it begins to generate fannish interest, as it is a quick and relatively "easy" way to get a story out, using the construct of events in the film without having to come up with a new scenario or plotline for the characters.


Historical Definitions

The following definition dates to the Roswell fandom on June 27, 2001:

missing scene: something that may have happened during an episode, but wasn't shown [1]


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  • In A-Team fiction, missing scene stories like emmastark's "Love Against The Gods"[2] and Lark's "Blue Moon of Kentucky"[3] explain why Murdock reacted so darkly to the rednecks in the bar roughing up Face early in the episode. Range Ryder's "The Sound of Thunder Part II"[4] describes what happens after Fulbright gets shot, and how the team manages to escape from Vietnam before the tag scene of the episode.
  • In Shanghai Noon fiction, missing scene stories like sidewinder's "Cowboy Blues"[5] and Nightcrawler's "Two Men In A Tub" explain how Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon ended up in the same bathtub while playing a Chinese drinking game.

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