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Image from BlogPulse referenced at by kheha on LiveJournal showing Wank, Cassandra Claire and Msscribe references in the latter half of 2006.
Mentions of Msscribe June through early December 2006. Charlottelennox began posting her account on June 15, 2006.
Technorati 360 day chart for Msscribe generated on April 14, 2007.

Msscribe was a member of the Harry Potter fan fiction community who deliberately cultivated Big Name Fan status.

The extent of her efforts was revealed in an incident known as "Wankity Fair". A blogger with the pseudonym charlottelennox wrote a multipart document entitled The Ms Scribe Saga on the Bad_Penny community on JournalFen starting June 15, 2006 [1]. This retelling produced compelling evidence that linked msscribe irrevocably to many of the contentious incidents that had taken place in the Harry Potter fandom from early 2003 to 2006, partially through the use of sock puppets. Msscribe's motivation was to advance herself in fandom and cultivate friendships with key fans like Cassandra Claire. This news both entranced and rocked the fandom.

Her use of sock puppets to attack herself, her friends and various related others was intended to create a sense of camaraderie between herself and those she regarded as of high status in the fandom and this was largely successful until her dramatic exposure by charlottelennox.


The Full Story

In 2001, StalkerGate and the splitting of the fandom into various sites (such as Sugar Quill, Portkey, and FictionAlley) occurred.

MsScribe uploaded two fanfics at Portkey in late December, and registered for the Portkey forums soon after. [2] [3] [4] The day after she introduced herself, she created the first sockpuppet, Clarabella_21, who existed solely to promote and compliment MsScribe's fanfiction. [5] [6] [7] [8] All posts made by Clarabella on PK She also created Davis517, who flamed MsScribe and then became a fan, and sarahkjames, who existed, like Clarabella, in order to promote MsScribe's fanfiction.

MsScribe created account for Clarabella and Sarahkjames on livejournal and then FictionAlley. [9] She continued to use them to promote her work; however, in this move, she made her first slips with regard to the backgrounds she had given them. Originally, Clarabella was "31, 2 kids, living in New Jersey" [10], but on FA she was "a 19-year-old childless Rutgers university student", and there were differences between the birthdays given for both sockpuppets on the various sites. [11]

MsScribe made her famous "Baby Dykes" post on February 26, 2003. [12] The responses to it proved that people would respond positively to her if she made witty ripostes to angry Christians, which helped set the stage for the second round of sockpuppets. She also continued to post funny or moving stories of unknown veracity, which continued to aid in her popularity; these stories occasionally featured anonymous or sockpuppet comments (presumably by herself) which railed at MsScribe for her shipping preferences or morals. [13] [14] [15] She also posted or received the famed "abused Pakistani woman" comment:

I live in pakistan and my husband is very dominant but I come to this place to escape. I read you and cassie and lissane and babygrrl and cadey to escape the reality i deal with. I get beat regularly but here I am powered. When I read your story taking him, i cry because i understand what happening. I understand what feel like to be hurt in that way and this fantasy help me deal with it. It wasn't porn at all it was powerful and my husband do bite me to hurt me and he do hit me but i can escape here. He let me read harry potter and this stuff because he don't know about the sexy stories but i find myself through all of you strong women. He can never have all of me and i stay with him because of duty to family and duty to children but he can never take all of me. my mind is strong even if my body is not and i want to thank you for writing story like you do and understanding women like me and why it make us feel strong to know women can use strong words. [16]

MsScribe continued to attack herself in order to play for sympathy. [17] She also pretended to have been in an accident around March 21, 2003, with Clarabella making posts for her and watching her daughter.

In March, she resigned as an FA mod [18], and from the Witching Hour Publicity Chair sometime before that. [19]

On March 26, she created FermatoJam, the first of several sockpuppets to attack MsScribe and Cassandra Claire (and, later, others) because of her "loose morals". He supposedly hated slash and pornography. [20] His comment to CC By attacking Claire as well as MsScribe, he lumped her together with one of the most famous names in the fandom - and his "Big Name Sinners" list (which listed MsScribe and her favorite authors) continued to help her in this way. The list was taken as a sort of "who's who" of fandom, and it became desirable to be on it. While MsScribe pretended to be action against FermatoJam, even pretending to have caught him and filed a police report, no report or person exists. [21] She later created Killiganhashope, supposedly an acquaintance of FermatoJam, Pottersginny, supposedly a member of Gryffindor Tower, and Melodyannsings. Due to StalkerGate, Gryffindor Tower had antipathy to Cassandra Claire and Heidi8; Nimbus was an upcoming con with a strong connection to Heidi8: therefore, MsScribe stood to gain popularity with Cassandra Claire and at Nimbus by attacking Gryffindor Tower.

Pottersginny "attacked" MsScribe, calling her a "zebra", Cassandra Claire for making dismissive remarks about Harry/Ginny, and other livejournallers for being "sluts". These attacks gave MsScribe more popularity and friends. Pottersginny repeatedly made references to how much she liked Gryffindor Tower, to which GT belatedly responded by saying that they were not affiliated with her, although this did not stop the smears to their reputation. Their time was immediately taken up in protecting themselves from being attacked on all fronts. MsScribe also publicized an ill-thought-out comment by a GT mod about "moral distance". [22] She also created a parody livejournal community, GT_hidden_room, in order to make fun of the GT mods, with sexually-named and -iconed parody sockpuppets of each person. [23] However, real people, including MsScribe and Cassandra Claire, posted in the community, and several FA mods were maintainers of the community. Example post [24]

In late May 2003, carissa_lynn, a Gryffindor Tower mod, posted to her livejournal that she had IP evidence that confirmed that the GT_hidden_roomsockpuppets were created by MsScribe, and "Clarabella" responded, saying that she had made them on Msscribe's computer, although she wasn't the only one, but that Killiganhashope and the original FermatoJam comments were real. MsScribe deleted Clarabella's journal, then brought her back for a tearful apology and reconciliation, then threatened GT as herself. [25]

Gryffindor Tower assembled a great deal of IP evidence against MsScribe, showing that the IPs of all of the trolls had been used by her and Clarabella, through Comcast, Time Warner, a Delaware "eduproxy", and various anonymizers. At first she had made efforts to keep the various accounts separate, but as she was required to do more and more with more sockpuppets, she let them overlap. The GT evidence A pro-MsScribe version The definitive CharlotteLennox version At the time, this evidence was considered insufficient by MsScribe's suppporters, and ironically only helped GT become more disliked. [26] [27] [28] A few days later, MsScribe was made a FA mod. [29]

In July 2003, MsScribe shared a room with Cassandra Claire at Nimbus. [30] She also agreed to be Publicity Chair for The Witching Hour, the next con.

Also in July of 2003, MsScribe shut down her sockpuppets (Clarabella left for an internship, and she, sarahkjames, and davis517 all deleted their Portkey accounts within ten minutes of each other) and claimed to have lost her job because of her Harry Potter NC-17 fanfiction. MsScribe's occupation was never clear:

Okay, so this is the story... Msscribe was on a 12-week leave after a head injury in an auto accident, which ended by mid-February. At that time, she returned to her job as a backup singer, working regularly, though she sometimes got days off. However, in late March she was hospitalized due to delayed complications from the earlier accident, which must have been at least four months in the past by that time, nearly died, and suffered the symptom of being too weak on the right side of her body to dress herself (though not too weak to pick up her toddler with her right arm), necessitating an in-home babysitter/dresser who either drove for 45 minutes to get there either occasionally or three times a week, or lived with her, depending on which version you believe. However, between March 31 and May 23 -- and despite her severe health problems that did not allow her to dress herself -- Msscribe not only changed careers and got a new job, but she performed so well in her new job (in spite of the fact that she frequently posted on Live Journal during office hours) that she was rewarded with a lovely new office. [31]

MsScribe's boss and the newspaper had apparently been sent copies of her Harry Potter smut, and she chose to resign in order to save his political career. Someone - very possibly MsScribe - wrote the episode up for Fandom Wank, implying that MsScribe's "enemies" (GT) had done this to get back at her. [32]

Well, I don't know whether she ever knew it, but her little stunt about "being sacked for writing Harry Potter filth" made the British tabloid press, even if without a name or place. I've no doubt she would be pleased if she knew, but that kind of attention is definitely unwelcome for everyone else. Lil Sheperd

On August 8, 2003, a new sockpuppet called "Watchful_Entity" was set up: there is no hard evidence that this was MsScribe, but it seems likely that it was. [33] This sock never commented on anyone's livejournal, thus keeping its IP address a secret. The sock spawned many parodies, and also revived the GT smear campaign as well as continuing to publicize MsScribe. When GT finally fell in September 2003 [34], MsScribe created a new sockpuppet [35], Karma_Bitch [36], who reported the affair to Fandom Wank with a vindictive tone. [37]

MsScribe's next sockpuppet was Fandom_Scruples, made along the same lines as Watchful_Entity. Arabella made a negative post about fluffy incest (in response to Cassandra Claire's Mortal Instruments), and MsScribe created Sporkify in order to post this as wank. [38] Soon, MsScribe has created Fandom_Scruples, which allied itself with Arabella, made a list of "good" fanfiction writers, and a second list of people who posted smut without locking it away from minors. Within hours, Sporkify (certainly MsScribe [39]) had reported it it Fandom Wank.

Think about that for a moment: A sockpuppet LJ is created. Someone finds it within hours (how?) and reports it to Fandom Wank. Who could this be? It had to be either the person who created it, or one of the people it friended. There is no other serious possibility, unless you think Sporkify was continually monitoring one of their userinfo pages (Arabella's, perhaps?), noticed within hours that one new person had friended whichever person he was monitoring (and if it was Arabella, she had a very large friends-of list, so he'd have had to be sharp-eyed), and rushed to investigate. And everyone Fandom_Scruples friended was a person who liked and admired Arabella. Most of them had commented positively on Arabella's rant and been mocked for it on Sporkify's Fandom_Wank report. Isn't it obvious that none of them were Sporkify? None of them wanked Arabella's post a full month after she made it. And none of them reported a new sockpuppet troll that was obviously designed to embarrass them and make them look bad to Fandom_Wank. Sporkify created Fandom_Scruples. And Sporkify, by all available circumstantial evidence (not to mention motive and MO), was Msscribe. Charlotte Lennox

Sporkify also posted other wanks about GT or former GT-ers: [40] [41] [42]

On September 19 2004, MsScribe first featured in a wank that had not been created by her. [43] At this point in time, the prevailing fandom opinion began to go against her.

In December 2004, LapTopGate took place. On December 23, MsScribe deleted her livejournal. Fandom_Scruples's last post was made on January 5, 2005, and failed to stir up any interest. During CharityWank, many vicious anonymous comments were posted whose IPs match MsScribe's. [44] MsScribe also made several logged-in comments to sapphsmum's LJ, and her behavior there caused many to dislike and defriend her. [45] [46]

MsScribe did very little after this: she tried to stir up a wank against Ron/Hermione shippers [47] [48] the original wank [49] [50] [51]) and created an anonymous sockpuppet (Danitoba47 [52] [53]) who used an anonymizer and sided with her "attackers" to make them look bad.

This information was collated and posted by Charlotte Lennox on the Bad Penny JournalFen community in June 2006.

MsScribe's Response

On August 15, 2007, after nearly a year with out a word regarding the Bad Penny account, Msscribe finally spoke, saying:

Although it doesn’t matter much anymore, Clara asked that I write this up. (Oh, didn't Charlotte tell you that she was real? Nanea used to talk to her on the phone. Also to me. We sound different. Also, you know, when I was hospitalized Nanea talked to her because I was incapable of it. ) Frankly, I don’t think this post is all that necessary but here it goes. I was never going to post this and Clara didn't want me to but she has since changed her mind since this whole thing has put a strain (for her) on our friendship. This whole Bad Penny thing has done me a lot of good, though. I’m sure this wasn’t their intention, but it has. I’ll explain later.
In the beginning (In know, I know, a little Biblical but bear with me) I was in a car accident. I had a head injury. The oldest was only 6 months old and so we got my neighbor’s younger cousin who had come to visit a few times to care for her (and me) during my recovery. Think I’m vying for sympathy here? Read back to me the number of posts I’ve made detailing this part of my past in the last 6 years. Like four, maybe?
So yeah, I didn’t meet Clara on the web. We totally got online together and SarahKJames? Her college roommate (A funny chick who I’d love to get back in contact with) would come with her for weekends at my house. They’d do laundry. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Clara isn’t her real name. We gave the fake name to Carissa Lynn because she was a cunt to Clara and Clara thought she might try to do something regarding her in school. Sarah was in art school and eventually went on to do something in Real Estate. No, she wasn’t 36. We made that up. She was gay, though, and after she moved in with her girlfriend we didn’t hear much from her. She stopped posting.
Don’t you just love the Internet? Read the rest...

This reappearance was quickly mentioned on Fandom Wank. [54].

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