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Mutant X is a Canadian science fiction television series about the genius geneticist Adam Kane and his heroic team of four young human mutants: the feral Shalimar Fox, the molecular Jesse Kilmartin, the psionic Emma deLauro, and the elemental Brennan Mulwray. They were later joined by the light-manipulating mutant, Lexa Pierce. Filmed in Toronto Ontario, the show's three seasons (66 episodes in all), originally aired in the U.S. from October 6 2001 to May 17 2004.


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

Adam Xero: Adam Kane's original surname was Xero. It was changed before the show aired because it too closely resembled X-Men's Professor Xavier.

Bremma: A fandom term for the Brennan Mulwray/Emma deLauro 'ship.

Brenimar: A fandom term for the Brennan Mulwray/Shalimar Fox 'ship.

Complexa: Poking fun at her secretive nature, Brennan Mulwray coined this nickname for Lexa Pierce in the episode "She's Come Undone."

Fuse: Brennan Mulwray's original code name.

Incident X: The mysterious accident which caused the destruction of Mason Eckhart's immune system, forcing him to wear a white wig and synthetic skin for protection against infection.

Jexa: A fandom term for the Jesse Kilmartin/Lexa Pierce 'ship.

Marcus Eckhart: Mason Eckhart's first name was originally Marcus. It was changed to Mason before the series aired.

Mulwary: An honest mistyping of Brennan Mulwray's last name, or a deliberate sporking of the character.

Mutant Lex: Annoyed with Lexa Pierce's disregard for her teammates in the episode "Brother's Keeper," Shalimar Fox says, "It's time we remind her that this is Mutant X, not Mutant Lex."

Rapport: Emma deLauro's original code name.

Santa (a.k.a. Evil Santa): A fandom nickname for Lexa Pierce's unnamed Dominion Contact.

Shadowfox: Shalimar Fox's original code name.

Shalash: A fandom term for the Shalimar Fox/Gabriel Ashlocke 'ship.

Shalnan: A fandom term for the Shalimar Fox/Brennan Mulwray 'ship.

Sparky: The nickname for Brennan Mulwray used frequently on the show.

Synergy: Jesse Kilmartin's original code name.


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