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My Immortal is a Harry Potter troll fanfiction, written by an author assuming the name of XXXbloodyrists666XXX (Tara Gilesbie). It met with particular horror and gained notoriety fast, with over 10,000 reviews as of May 2008. It was published on the 3rd of March, 2006 on It has since been deleted from the fanfiction archives, but several websites have saved the original text.



My Immortal is the title of an Evanescence single. The author claims to be obsessed with Evanescence and My Chemical Romance, frequently including lyrics and references to Amy Lee and Gerard Way.

She also claims to be a goth, and insists her story is 'goffik'. Themes include self-mutilation, death fixation, and vampirism.

The story is well-renowned for its over-the-top spelling and grammar errors, including chatspeak and frequent OOC swearing.


The protagonist is commonly called a Mary Sue; her full name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, according to the first paragraph, but it is frequently misspelled in some form or fashion, particularly as Enoby. She explains that she derived her name from her long, ebony black hair, which also has purple streaks and red tips. Her eyes are 'icy blue', which she compares to 'limpid tears'. She is commonly told she looks like Amy Lee, something of her heroine, and wishes she was related to the 'hottie', Gerard Way. Ebony is a vampire, but her fangs are nonexistent and her teeth are 'straight'; due to a vampire's lack of sunshine, her skin is very pale.

In the story, Ebony is seventeen and in the seventh year at Hogwarts. Disregarding the dress code (robes), she wears Hot Topic clothing and combat boots, embellished with a lot of foundation and eyeliner. Ebony has a disgust of 'preps' and 'posers', as does the author (who often rails at her critics and calls them those names), and in the first scene, sticks her middle finger up at them to show her disrespect. She is depressive and cuts herself often, particularly after it is revealed Draco and Harry had been in a relationship.

She says My Chemical Romance are her favourite band, and Good Charlotte are her second-favourite. Her best friend is B’loody Mary Smith, and she claims to be bisexual.

Draco Malfoy, a character from the original books, shows shyness around Ebony at first, but they flirt in the second chapter and then go on a date to Good Charlotte's concert in Hogsmeade. Eventually, they have sexual intercourse. He is bisexual and cheats on Ebony with Harry Potter, much to Ebony's dismay.

Harry Potter also returns, renamed 'Vampire' Potter, and resembling Joel Madden. Voldemort retains his animosity towards Harry Potter, insisting Ebony must kill Harry Potter. Voldemort quotably has a 'dude-ur-so-retarded [sic]' look on his face.


The fic was posted at deleterius and Pottersues and sporked brutally; the reviews are often flaming, to which Tara insisted they were posers and of unimportance to her excellent writing skills. However, it attained something of its own fan following, including a fanclub on LiveJournal.

My Immortal has spawned a legion of parodies and imitators, some insisting they are related to Tara (she denies she has a little sister called Trista [1]). Most of the fanfictions have similar themes and musical inspiration, attempting to attain the success of My Immortal.

It has also been translated into several languages, including Japanese, French, and Italian.


My Immortal 1, -the fanfiction itself- This link is no longer valid. The original text may now be found here

My Immortal 2: Wake Me Up Inside, the long waited sequel. (serious, she has written a sequel. God save us all!!!)

n, part one of the movie based on the fanfic.

n, the published novel which combines My Immortal, Raven's fics, and two parodies.

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