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Myth Makers

Myth Makers is the official fiction fanzine of the Canadian-based Doctor Who Information Network. Each issue showcases quality fan fiction by published authors and budding fan writers, plus illustrations by talented fan artists. A companion fanzine, Myth Makers Presents, features novel-length fiction.


1980 to 1991

Originally part of DWIN's charter in the early 1980s, the fiction fanzine proved frustratingly difficult to produce. While the fanclub's newszine Enlightenment chugged along, Myth Makers went through several editors (with submissions getting lost during the changeover between editors) until Colleen Hillerup took over in 1990. Through hard work, and thanks to a lengthy submission by young fan author James Bow, she was able to send the first issue to the printers early in 1991. DWIN overestimated the interest in the fan publication, however. Out of an initial print run of almost 250, less than 100 sold in the first couple of years.

1992 to 1995

In 1992, a novelization of Evil of the Daleks was proposed for the second issue of Myth Makers, but ultimately fell through. Later that year, Colleen resigned as editor and went on to take the helm of Enlightenment. Thus the task of editing Myth Makers 2 fell to James Bow, who had already produced two issues of his own fiction fanzine, Trenchcoat. James had to convince a skeptical club executive that Myth Makers 2 was worth pursuing. By scaling down the fanzine and accepting submissions from outside the DWIN membership, he was able to produce a second issue, with a reduced page count (44 pages), which could be sold at a break-even price of $5.

This standard proved to be popular and, within eight months, James was able to produce Myth Makers 3 in May 1994. Issue 4 appeared four months later, and then the fanzine fell into a semi-annual publication schedule. Submissions picked up, both in quantity and quality, and interest in the fanzine spread across the fanclubs in northeastern North America. Issue 6, produced in September 1995, featured "A Man at Intervals", a short story by Erin Noteboom which won the 1996 MediaWest Fan Quality Award for Best Doctor Who Story. The issue won Best Doctor Who Fanzine.

1996: Myth Makers Presents

Happy with the success at producing an inexpensive fanzine for short Doctor Who fan fiction, James proposed a new fanzine under the DWIN banner for novel-length fiction. Myth Makers Presents, as it came to be called, debuted in March 1996. It featured the tale In Tua Nua, by James Bow and Joseph Keeping, which was originally a rejected New Adventures submission. The fanzine was filled out with interviews with New Adventures authors and articles about the publication process. The story itself won the 1997 Fan Q Award for Best Doctor Who Story (Myth Makers 7 won Best Doctor Who Fanzine). With over 100 copies printed and sold, this issue remains DWIN's best-selling fiction fanzine.

1997 to 1998

March 1997 saw the release of Myth Makers Presents 2, featuring the novel-length Tranformations by Douglas Petersen, rounded out by four short stories by other authors. Later that year, James Bow produced Myth Makers 8, which won the 1998 Fan Q Awards for Best Doctor Who Fanzine and Story (Kathy Wesley's "A Most Human Quality").

In 1998, two issues of Myth Makers Presents were published. Issue 3 featured The Fires of Prometheus by Joseph Keeping, expanded from a rejected Missing Adventures submission co-authored with James Bow. Issue 4 was a Decalog-style short story anthology entitled Jade, featuring 13 stories celebrating Doctor Who's 35th (jade) anniversary.

Jade was co-edited with Matt Grady, who succeeded James Bow when he retired as Myth Makers editor at the end of 1998.

1999 to 2001

Matt Grady edited three issues of Myth Makers, with James Bow acting as production co-ordinator. Issue 9 won the 2000 Fan Q Awards for Best Doctor Who Fanzine and Story ("Much Ado..." by Joseph Keeping). Production began on Myth Makers Presents 5 in 2001, featuring a novel-length adaptation of a fictional Doctor Who film, written by Andrew Kearley. The project was ultimately cancelled when Matt retired as editor in 2002. (Andrew has since published the story online.)

2002 to 2008

Myth Makers editorship passed to Scott Clarke and Richard Salter, who also became responsible for the fanzine's production. "Absence of the D*****" by Greg McElhatton, published in Myth Makers 12, won the 2003 Fan Q Award for Best Doctor Who Story.

Issue 13 was published in 2003, followed later that year by Myth Makers Presents: Essentials. The latter short story anthology featured 13 stories showcasing the essentials of Doctor Who, which turned 40 that year. Essentials won the 2003 Jade Pagoda Awards for Best Anthology and Best Short Story ("A Rag and a Bone" by Daniel O'Mahony ). It also won the 2004 Fan Q Awards for Best Doctor Who Fanzine and Story ("Something Borrowed" by Robert Smith?).

Scott and Richard produced one last issue together, Myth Makers 14, in late 2004. It won the 2004 Jade Pagoda Award for Best Anthology. Richard went on to edit Short Trips: Transmissions for Big Finish in 2008.

Myth Makers 15 was published in early 2008, co-produced by Scott and John Anderson.

2009 to Present

Myth Makers: Retrospective, published online in early 2009 by Matt Grady, features highlight stories and artwork from the first decade of Myth Makers releases, all long out of print.

Samantha Warner, editor of The Doctor Who Project series, was appointed the new Myth Makers editor in late 2009, but had to resign the following year due to scheduling conflicts.

The fanzine remains in production.

Myth Makers Editors

  • 1980-1986 Naomi Pardue
  • 1986-1987 Suzanne Stevens
  • 1987-1988 Stephen Peers (interim)
  • 1988-1988 Dianne Smith
  • 1988-1988 So Mei Quan (interim)
  • 1988-1990 Peter McAlpine/Steven Barringer/David Goodwin/James Bow
  • 1990-1992 Colleen Hillerup (produced Myth Makers 1)
  • 1992-1998 James Bow (produced Myth Makers 2-8, Myth Makers Presents 1-4)
  • 1998-2002 Matt Grady (co-edited Myth Makers Presents 4, edited Myth Makers 9-11 with production co-ordinator James Bow)
  • 2002-2007 Richard Salter/Scott Clarke (produced Myth Makers 12-14, Myth Makers Presents: Essentials)
  • 2007-2009 Scott Clarke/John Anderson (produced Myth Makers 15 )
  • 2009-2010 Samantha Warner

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