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Based off a popular Japanese manga, which was later animated, by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is the story of an outcast boy who wants to grow up to become a respected ninja. The story mostly centers around the main character, Naruto, but there are a slew of other characters that also get showcased.

The fandom for Naruto is a very mixed bag. The categories and genres range all across the board. Het and yaoi are featured prominently, while yuri seems to be rarer, possibly due to the fact that a significantly larger proportion of the characters in the series are male than female. Because of the large cast of characters for this series there is a wide and seemingly limitless array of pairings and ships.

Since the premier of the Naruto anime on Toonami in 2005, the fandom has received a flood of Mary Sues and self-inserts.


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

  • Akatsuki: A criminal organization that wants to take over the world. Made up of renegade ninja from different villages. They are featured heavily in Naruto Shippuuden and in fanfiction.
  • Dattebayo: A mostly-meaningless Japanese phrase often added to the end of sentences by main character Naruto. Also the name of Naruto fandom's most popular and well-known fansubbing group.
  • Hyuugacest: A pairing involving members of the Hyuuga Clan. (commonly Neji and his cousin Hinata - NejiHina or Neji and his cousin Hanabi - NejiHana}
  • Rookie Nine: The nine members of the main character's graduating class. They include, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi, Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame.
  • Shippuuden: Also called by its translated name 'Hurricane Chronicles'. The second part of the Naruto anime/manga. It occurs two and a half years after the ending of Part 1.
  • Uchihacest: A pairing involving members of the Uchiha Clan. (commonly Sasuke and his brother Itachi - ItaSasu)

Pairing names are portmanteaus based on, generally, the first two syllables of each name (most names divide neatly into syllables as all characters are named in Japanese; the smallest unit in the Japanese language is the syllable rather than the letter). Ex.: Some of the most popular pairings in the Naruto fandom are SasuNaru (Sasuke x Naruto), KakaIru (Kakashi x Iruka), NaruHina (Naruto x Hinata), SasuSaku (Sasuke x Sakura), ShikaTema (Shikamaru x Temari), NaruSaku (Naruto x Sakura), and NejiTen (Neji x Tenten).

Most of Naruto fandom favors "Character x Character" over "Character/Character" when indicating pairing names, as the animanga fandom standard of seme x uke has a wide following in Naruto fandom.

The Fandom



Membership at the NarutoFan forums is overall slightly dominated by males, while females make up a larger portion of membership on chuunin.

Please note that NarutoFan is a criminal site for distributing (and selling downloadable versions which are freely available at the scanlator's site) freely available manga scanlations without permissions from the scanlating groups.This also proves it to be an unreliable source for deducing gender domination.

In December 2007, more females than males were searching for information on Naruto.

Fan fiction

In December 2007, more males than females were searching for Naruto fan fiction.


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.








Chart generated August 14, 2007 comparing discussion of Harry Potter, CSI and Naruto fan fiction in the past six months.
Google Keywords: FanHistory WebMaster Tools: Period: December 15 to December 21, 2007 for all Google searches.
Keyword search information for Naruto for December 2007.



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National communities


"In the Italian fandom Sasu Naru pairing is often overlooked, rarely considered or even discarded, but the pairing is the most quoted and loved by Japanese fans!" [48]

"Nel fandom italiano la SasuNaru è un pairing spesso sottovalutato, poco considerato o addirittura scartato, eppure è il pairing più quotato e amato dai fans nipponici!"[49]


Sasu Naru

"In the Italian fandom Sasu Naru pairing is often overlooked, rarely considered or even discarded, but the pairing is the most quoted and loved by Japanese fans!" [50]

Influential fanworks

Stories influential to the Naruto Fandom are often those the most people have read, i.e. the most popular. The most popular Naruto fanfiction stories are mainly hosted on, and often, stories with high numbers of reviews are held in high regard. There is a C2 at that contains nearly all of the most influential Naruto Stories. It is titled, "1,000 PLUS: Extraordinary Fics with Extraordinary Reviews." [51]

According to the C2, the highest reviewed, and some of the most influential stories are these:

(in the C2/found so far as of 11/2007)

  1. Most Reviewed Naruto Fic: Team 8 by S'TarKan
  2.  : For the Love of my Friends by Foxie-sama
  3.  : The Mating Frenzy by MSkyDragons
  4.  : Lost soul by LD 1449
  5.  : Naruto of the Shikon by LD 1449
  6.  : The Window by SilverShine
  7.  : Legacy of the Rasengan I: Naruto by Tellemicus Sundance
  8.  : Door Number Two by Reaper Nanashi
  9.  : Mizukage by Dragon6
  10.  : Neo Yondaime Hokage by Psycho G
  11.  : A twist of fate by LD 1449
  12.  : The Uchiha Couple by asashouryuu
  13.  : Neji and Tenten: 100 Moments by Serenity Silence

(Bolded stories have over 4000 reviews)

Fandom Members

See also Naruto fans.

Fandom Size

Comparative size of fandom based on archive sizes from November 2006
Same chart as above only including Quizilla totals from December 2006
Anime and Television categories with most stories added on FanFiction.Net in 24 hour period December 29 to December 30, 2006

November 2006

In March 2009, FanFiction.Net listed 186,454 stories for this fandom. The fandom had added approximately 133,023 stories since November 2006. [52]

December 2006

As of December 2006, membership at the fandom's largest LiveJournal general discussion community, chuunin, numbered 2887 members and 2113 watchers. (Many watchers may also be members.) Also as of December 2006, membership at the internet's largest Naruto discussion forum, NarutoFan, numbered 74,968.

Membership at the NarutoFan forums is overall slightly dominated by males, while females make up a larger portion of membership on chuunin.

Note:Please note that NarutoFan is a criminal site for distributing freely available manga scanlations and selling downloadable versions of them which are also freely available at the scanlator's site,without permissions from the scanlating groups.If you pay to this site then YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF.If you still wish to use this site then please do not support and also disable ads from it using an ad-blocker.

December 2007

As of December 1, 2007, there are 110,386 stories on FanFiction.Net. [53]

As of December 18, 2007, there are 1,843 pieces of Naruto fanworks on FanLib. [54]


See also Naruto fan fiction community size.

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Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

  • Gray, Lisa. "The Fangirl's Crush." Houston Chronicle 12 Mar. 2008. 18 Mar. 2008 [55].

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