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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of links can be included on fandomnews?

fandomnews includes links in the following areas:

  • Meta discussion
  • Fandom meta discussion
  • Fandom legal issues
  • Polls, surveys, research assistance requests
  • Fandom news
  • Media references to fandom

The goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, to provide people links to conversations about fandom, to general and fandom specific meta discussion, to inform people about legal issues going on in the fan community, to help researchers gain a wider audience for fandom based research, and to share important fandom news. If there are other links that people think are relevant to fandom, please ask and we can see about expanding the scope to include those links.

2. Will you notify people that you have linked to them?

We do not plan to notify people that their posts have been included on fandomnews. We will include links in the fandomnews roundup unless someone specifically requests that a post not be linked on fandomnews.

Please note that inclusion or non-inclusion in fandomnews does not equal inclusion, or non-inclusion, in Fan History otherwise.

3. Can a person request that a link be removed from fandomnews's roundup?

If you ask for a link to be removed from fandomnews, we will remove it.

4. What will happen if a link moves from public to locked?

If we are informed of this change, the link will be removed from fandomnews.

5. Where can content for fandomnews be pulled from? Will media mentions, for instance in newspapers or electronic news sources be included if fandom-related?

Content will primarily be pulled from LiveJournal and LiveJournal clones. Content for fandomnews will also be pulled from blogs. Mainstream sources may be linked and will be marked as such. As these source are generally not meta in nature, they will appear further down the roundup.

6. What is the viewpoint that fandomnews intends to have in terms of link inclusion?

fandomnews intends to have a neutral viewpoint as much as possible. An attempt will be made to include pro, con and open question discussion points around an issue. We need help from readers to find links to help insure a well rounded representation of all points of view.

7. How can I submit links to fandomnews for inclusion?

There are three ways you can submit links for inclusion on fandomnews. You can (1) submit the link in the comments of a recent post on fandomnews, (2) by e-mailing or (3) by editing the links to be posted page on Fan History's News namespace for the day you want the links included.

8. Who are your affiliates? How can we be affiliated with you?

Our affiliates are metafans.

If you want to be an affiliate, contact us and ask. Being an affiliate means being linked on this page and on the Fan History copy of the FAQ. It also increases the chances that links from your blog or message board will be included in the latest roundup.

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