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The Nine Inch Nails fandom includes BandFic, song remixes, fan art, and fan-generated cartoons and videos. There used to be an online NIN fanzine called sickamongthepure, but it is no longer around.

The Band

Nine Inch Nails (NIN) was founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor, who is also the band's only official member. Trent assembles a live band for tours. The live band has, at one time or another, included the following musicians: Ron Musarra, Chris Vrenna, Jeff Ward, David Haymes, Richard Patrick, Lee Mars, Nick Rushe, James Woolley, Robin Finck, Danny Lohner, Charlie Clouser, Sean Beavan, Jerome Dillon, Alex Carapetis, Aaron North, Jeordie White, Alessandro Cortini, and Josh Freese.

Nine Inch Nails originally signed with TVT records and released Pretty Hate Machine through them in 1989. TVT, however, tried to take too much control over Trent's music, so he took them to court to secure a release from the contract. Music he recorded on the sly was released on the 1999 EP Broken, his first release through his own imprint, Nothing Records, set up on the Interscope label. On May 5, 2007, he announced that his involvement with Nothing Records was over, but the Nothing logo continued to appear on releases. Reznor ended his contract with Interscope in October 2007 after turning in the remix follow-up to Year Zero. He is not currently seeking a new label to represent Nine Inch Nails, but he is working on new material and alternate methods of releasing it to the public.


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Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fanworks community.

  • In 1999, Meathead created a site called The Meathead Perspective (TMP) that contains articles, commentaries, reviews, and "crappy Flash cartoons."
  • Meathead's first Flash cartoon, "Trent Turns 35," was posted on The Meathead Perspective on May 17, 2000 and was nothing more than a photo of Trent, a drawing of a birthday cake, and an electronic-sounding "Happy Birthday" playing. At the end, a puff of air comes out of Trent's mouth and the candles go out.
  • On December 24, 2001, Meathead's second Flash cartoon--"Charlie Clouser Leaves Nine Inch Nails"--and first piece that could really be considered a fanwork was posted. It is a retelling (and re-imagining) of Charlie Clouser's departure from the band. It also included a "guest appearance" by Roger Waters. Subsequent cartoons continued along this vein of Flash story-telling and feature current and former members of the band and occasional guest appearances.
  • On February 1, 2003, in response to the deletion of the LiveJournal community fanficdotnet, the LiveJournal community music_fic was created. (Herongale) It would host Audioslave, Eighteen Visions, Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Good Charlotte, Green Day, HIM, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, Lostprophets, Mest, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Rancid fiction.
  • In 2005, shortly after Trent Reznor released the multitrack files for "The Hand That Feeds," Christopher Kunferman set up, originally as an unofficial remix contest that received more than 500 submissions of remixes of "The Hand That Feeds". Kunferman then teamed up with Eric Newport to turn the site into a database that could house these remixes and remixes of the song "Only," which Trent also released multitrack files for[1]. Remixes of these songs are considered "official remixes," because Trent released the multitrack sources for them. Remixes of NIN songs that haven't had multitrack files released for them are considered "unofficial remixes"[2].
  • The vodka_and_pogo community for Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle and KMFDM slash was created on April 9, 2005. It is maintained by elenlor_edhelen and insanitys_reign.
  • An official fan club, The Spiral, was started in June 2005[3]. On August 7, 2007, an overhaul/upgrade of the fan club was announced and the fan club closed to new memberships. The overhaul is expected to take 6-7 months.
  • The wretchedfiction Nine Inch Nails fanfic community on Livejournal was created on August 23, 2005. It is maintained by insanitys_reign.
  • On October 16, 2005, dkshortmovies posted the first ClayNIN video, "Trent really really hates Aaron North directors cut," on ClayNIN videos feature the 2005/2006 live band made out of clay and moved around by a hand. Dialogue is shown on screen (as with silent movies) rather than spoken. The soundtracks contain a mix of NIN and nonNIN music.
  • Sick Among the Pure started out as a feature of Keith Duemling's now-defunct site (date unknown--please edit if you know even just the year it started) and grew into a Nine Inch Nails fanzine/newsletter that was linked to from The NIN Hotline. Over time, it broadened its scope to the entire industrial scene and got its own domain in In January 2004, Leviathant said of it, "I really like the concept of SATP. I haven't always been 100% keen on the execution and content, but I like to encourage people to be creative in many ways. I'm not a poetry guy, and if I ran the site, I'd rather see it be more of an informative and critical kind of magazine, but if I ran the site, I think that would be a little too homogenius, too, heh. Even when they've had bumpy spots, I have always done as much as I could to encourage people to contribute to and read the magazine. I think it's turned out very well over the years."[4] It closed on Saturday, October 29, 2005.
  • On November 7, 2005, echoingthesound member Mtlgeer started a thread for Photoshopped pictures of Nine Inch Nails. As of January 2, 2008, the thread was up to 284 pages[5].
  • In December 2005 (if not sooner), Anne Tai began doing a web comic called "The Squires of Dimness." The comic stars Aaron North, Jeordie White and Alessandro Cortini, with occasional appearance by Jermone Dillon. This is the original live band line-up (minus Trent Reznor) for the With Teeth tour.
  • On February 12, 2007, fans who purchased t-shirts at the Lisbon, Portugal, show noticed that several letters from the tour itinerary on the rear of the shirt were highlighted. The highlighted letters, in order, spelled out "iamtryingtobelieve," which, when adding “.com” to the end, was discovered to be an active website URL. This was the beginning of the Year Zero ARG. Fans who sent an email to the address listed on the website received an auto-response back[6]. This was the first interaction between fans and the game/experience. The Year Zero ARG ran through late April 2007, until the discovery of the Exhibit 24 site[7] (through spectrum analysis of the "Capital G" Garageband release that revealed several user avatars from the echoingthesound message board. The first initials of the usernames for those avatars spelled out "Exhibit24"]). This site contains a list of all known Year Zero ARG-related sites and hidden sub-pages up to that point in the game/experience, leading to speculation that the ARG, or at least the first phase of it, was over. As of December 22, 2007, no new ARG clues or sites have been discovered. Fans hope that the ARG will be resurrected when Trent begins work on Year Zero part two.
  • In February 2007, fans on the echoingthesound message board began sharing their fan remixes and videos in a thread in the Year Zero forum[8].
  • In February 2007, the artist Riot started a blog set in the future, in world of Year Zero. The character writing the blog is Chaos. It uses Year Zero date formats in the text to refer to events that happened in the past[9].
  • In March 2007, Nine Inch Nails fans on the echoingthesound message board began planning a graphic novel based on NIN's Year Zero world. It got off to a great start and was given its own subforum on the message board[10], but questions of legality, combined with a general waning of excitement, have rendered it dead or at the very least on hiatus. There are, however, occasional attempts to regenerate interest[11].
  • In April 2007, user Merks started the "A Case for Resistance" fan project which would allow fans to get ammo boxes filled with buttons, stencils, sharpies and other items similar to those that fans who were lucky enough to be in Los Angeles earlier this month to receive official ammo boxes from 42 Entertainment, the company running the Year Zero alternate reality game. The completed cases were shipped in March 2008. A picture of the patches included with the Case for Resistance cases was included in 42 Entertainment's Year Zero Case Study.[12]
  • Trent Reznor has released mutlitrack files of Nine Inch Nails for fans to play with since the Fragile era[13], but the Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D CD released on November 20, 2007 was the first time fans had access to all of the multitrack files for every track on a CD (Year Zero).
  • Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D also included, among the remixes by known artists, a fan remix: "My Violent Heart" by Pirate Robot Midget.[14]
  • On November 27, 2007, Nine Inch Nails'[15], an official site that allows to fans share their custom remixes of NIN material online, went live, despite legal concerns from Interscope.[16]
  • On March 1, 2008, Trent Reznor released a new Nine Inch Nails album, an instrumental album called Ghosts I-IV, under a Creative Commons license.
  • On March 13, 2008, Nine Inch Nails announced a partnership with YouTube to create an online festival showcasing fan-made short films created to accompany the music of Ghosts I-IV. Submissions are accepted at the NIN YouTube Channel at until May 1, 2008 and will be reviewed by Trent Reznor. The festival date is TBA. [17]
  • On April 22, 2008, the new track "Discipline" was made available as a free download from the official Nine Inch Nails website. The comments field in the track info said "Go to on May 5."
  • On May 2, 2008, another new track--"Echoplex"--was made available for free download, this time through a Facebook application. As with "Discipline," the comments field in the track info said "Go to on May 5."
  • On Aug 18, 2008, Trent Reznor announced an anime style cartoon series to be made based on his “Year Zero” album.


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Influential fanworks


  • The Scent of Aaron - the first of installment of Anne Tai's web comic, The Squires of Dimness, to be posted to the North Side[18], an Aaron North fansite. It features Aaron, Allesandro Cortini, Jerome Dillon and Jeordie White and uses Aaron North catchphrases like "brah," "shit fully went off" and "siiiick."


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Fandom Members

Fandom Size

As of December 22, 2007, there are 107 fans on FanPop [21], 17 stories on RockFic [22] and 131 [23] and 141 [24] stories on Quizilla. As of December 23, 2007 there are 86 members in the wretchedfiction[25] community on Livejournal and 98 members in the vodka_and_pogo[26] community.

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Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

  • Pettigrew, E. (1997). Sounds like the end of the world how the postmodernism of Generation X is given voice through industrial rock. Thesis (M.A.)--Bowling Green State University, 1997.
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