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Ogi Ogas

Ogi Ogas on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
Also known as Ogi Ogas
General Information
Memberships Facebook, LiveJournal
Country from United States
Language(s) English
Fandoms Science Fiction, Fantasy
Participation type researcher
Joined LiveJournal July 15, 2008
External links
Dr. Ogi Ogas Personal website
ogi_ogas LiveJournal
Ogi Ogas FaceBook

Ogi Ogas is a cognitive neuroscientist and game show contestant who was involved in a major fannish kerfluffle which became known as SurveyFail in August 2009. This was due to a survey posted on LiveJournal which was to be used in a book to be published in 2010 entitled "Rule 34: What Netporn Teaches Us About The Brain".[1] The survey was heavily criticized by members of fandom for its poor wording, much of which was perceived as full of gender and sexuality privilege. Ogas' ethics were brought into question due to his apparent failures in methodology and lack of understanding about the fannish community from which he intended to collect data.

Ogas is also one of the maintainers of m00nr0cket, a critique group for science fiction and fantasy authors.[2]

General biography

Ogi Ogas is a 2003 U.S. Department of Homeland Security fellow and a graduate of Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland.[3] The DHS funded his doctoral program at Boston University (where he is no longer affiliated) in Cognitive & Neural Systems where he studied to "develop computer algorithms and new software that can better distinguish, or 'mine,' the unusual from the usual in very large sets of data."[4] He has since appeared on several game shows including Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Grand Slam.





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While Ogi Ogas has not created any fanworks, he has been featured in the following RPS stories since SurveyFail:

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