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Organia cover art

Organia was a multimedia fanzine published in July of 1982 by Bev Lorenstein and Judith Gran. It was conceived of as "An adult fanzine of ideas" and contained fiction and art based on Star Trek, Star Wars and other fandoms, as well as original science fiction and feminist articles and poetry.

The publication of this fanzine caused some controversy within Star Wars fandom as it was one of the first publications to include adult, het fiction and art based upon the Star Wars movies. Many fans were upset by this as George Lucas had taken a stand of only encouraging fanworks that were gen in nature and content. In particular fans at Media West Con at the time raised considerable protest, but publication of the zine went on nevertheless. (Personal interview with Bev Lorenstein by sockii).

The fanzine is 210 pages in length, full size.

Some of the authors included in the fanzine are Barbara Tennison, Toni Lay, Lois Welling, Pat Nussman. Artists featured in the fanzine include Gayle Feyrer and Merle Decker.

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