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The Outsiders is a young adult book published in 1967 and written by author S.E. Hinton. It touches on themes of class division, belonging and friendship. It is often taught as part of school curriculum.

The Author

The Outsiders was written by S.E. Hinton.


Fans of The Outsiders consider the book by S.E. Hinton to be canon. The movie based on the book, released in 1983, is also often seen as canon, because of the close depiction of the book. The film adaptation changed the rival sides of town from the East and West Sides to the North and South Sides of Tulsa (respectively), but either is considered canon because the "North Side and South Side were in the book orginially [sic], the publishers wanted to change it as north vs south side is still a rivalary [sic] so [director Francis Ford Coppola] changed it back."[1]

However, the 1990 TV series, for which S.E. Hinton served as a consultant (for the pilot episode only) is usually not considered canon.

S.E. Hinton's subsequent young adult novels, including That Was Then, This Is Now, Rumble Fish, Tex and Taming The Star Runner all occur in the same universe, and connections can be found between many of the books, including characters that appear in both (for instance, Ponyboy Curtis and Curly and Tim Shepard both appear in The Outsiders and That Was Then, This Is Now, while a gang mentioned in The Outsiders exists in Rumble Fish and characters from That Was Then, This Is Now also appear in Tex.) Because of these connections, they can also be considered canon to The Outsiders.


Below is a partial list of terms and their definitions used in this fandom.

  • Alternate Universe (AU) - This is where an author will choose to stray from the canon of the show and create events which are on their own timeline for their fan fic. For example, the Curtis' having a sister, the story taking place on Mars, in another city, in present day etc. Fan fictions that take place after the end of a show/book are not alternate universe, however, because there is no canon for them to contradict (although That Was Then, This Is Now can be considered canon since Ponyboy is mentioned, and all her other YA novels exist in the same universe). It can sometimes be related to sci-fi in the sense that supernatural elements can be present.
  • Badfic - Refers to a badly written fan fiction stories. Badfic usually has poor spelling, grammar and punctuation, clichéd plots and Mary Sue characters, as well as authors who are unwilling to improve. Badfic is often written by fanbrats.
  • Canon - All of the events which happened in the book and characters contained in the book. The Outsiders is unique in the sense that most people also see the movie as canon, but not the TV series. S.E. Hinton's other novels all occur in the same universe and can be considered canon to The Outsiders.
  • Fanbrat - In the Outsiders fandom it refers to an immature fan who tends to write clichéd Mary Sue stories, and praises other writers who do the same. The fanbrat also tends to get very angry when they get any constructive criticism. They tend to have badly formatted stories, never take advice, post up character profiles and/or author's notes instead of chapters. If they are not fan fiction writers, they are often extremely volatile when it comes to opinions about their favourite characters.
  • Fanon - Things that are not strictly canon, but do not contradict it and are widely accepted by most fans. For instance, Soda is often talked of as having died in Vietnam. There are interviews where Hinton has said that just the guy she based Soda on died, but also ones where she has said Soda himself does. There's nothing to contradict it, but it's become so prevalent, most fans accept it.
  • Mary Sue - Any original female character who is too perfect, too extreme, or otherwise badly done. She often represents the author as they wish to be. Mary Sue swoops in to save the day, can do just about anything and is almost always so beautiful everyone is either in awe of her or in love with her. She often takes over the whole story.
  • One Shot - A story that takes place in one chapter. Often a moment-in-time snapshot of a character or event that has a lot of emotional truth or affect. Also seen as "one-shot."
  • Post-book - A story which is set after the book ended. Also called a sequel.
  • Slash - Any story which has two characters of the same sex paired together. Comes from the slash used to separate the character pairing - ie. Soda/Steve. [3]
  • Spork - A spork is a piece of writing that makes fun of a fan fiction, email, message board post, profile or fanwork of some kind. Sporking is the act of picking apart the item and parodying the bad writing or ideas it contains.
  • TWTTIN - An acronym for S.E. Hinton's second book, That Was Then, This Is Now which can be seen as canon to the Outsiders, as Ponyboy Curtis, Curly Shepard and Tim Shepard appear in it.
  • WSOTTA - Acronym for the Wrong Side of the Tracks Awards, a usually yearly awards event given out to fan fiction in various genres. Can also refer to the WSOTT Boards. [4]
  • WSOTT Boards - Message boards for Outsiders fans and writers, run by the people who run the WSOTTAs. [5]


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.



  • In the spring of 1982, the Outsiders movie began filming in Tulsa, OK.














  • On January 7, 2008, DallasWinston joined fanfiction.net as the first persona to post as a character and write a story as that character. He criticized the fandom for corrupting his characterization.
  • On February 6, 2008, the first Good Fic Day event took place on fanfiction.net, as organized by the 731 Board.
  • In early 2008 many others began creating character sock puppet accounts, in what has come to be known as the Flood of Sock Puppets.
  • On September 28, 2008, the 731 Board announced they were holding a writing contest with Outsiders prizes, with the winner being announced in November. Prizes included signed Outsiders merchandise.


  • In July 2009, authors Artemis Rex and Mars on fire removed all of their fan fiction from fanfiction.net. Mars on fire had the two most reviewed stories in the fandom, Triangle and Holding Back the Years.
  • In December 2009, the Outsiders section at fanfiction.net surpassed 4600 stories.


  • In October 2010, the Outsiders section at fanfiction.net surpassed 5400 stories.


Most disagreements in the fandom come about through fan fiction issues, specifically:

  • Stories that are out of character, badly written, contain Mary Sues etc. The authors and reviewers often clash over content and quality and the type of reviews they receive.
  • Postings at fanfiction.net that are not stories, but instead are notes, polls or anything that is not fiction. The poster and reviewers often argue over the misuse of the ff.net site.
  • Writers posting material that violates the TOS at ff.net (including stories rated lower than they should be).
  • NOADS often has to deal with angry fan fiction writers.

Influential Stories

  • Not Just Dallas Winston - The first Outsiders fan fiction posted at FanFiction.net. (Published May 16, 2001)
  • Slashed Tires - The first story published to reach 100 reviews. (Published November 25, 2001)
  • The Outsiders, cont. - The first published story to reach over 300 reviews. (Published April 8, 2002)
  • Happy Birthday Dallas - The first story published as slash on FanFiction.net. (Published October 7, 2002)
  • Triangle - First published story to reach over 600 reviews. Was the second most reviewed story in the fandom before it was removed by the author. (Published December 20, 2006)
  • Ain't Tough Enough - Longest fan fiction story in the fandom at 221,900 words. (Published January 15, 2007)
  • Holding Back The Years - First published story to reach over 700 reviews and most reviewed story in the fandom before it was removed by the author. (Published October 3, 2007)


Het pairings

  • Bob Sheldon/Cherry Valance
  • Curly Shepard/OFC
  • Dallas Winston/OFC
  • Dallas Winston/Cherry Valance
  • Darry Curtis/OFC
  • Johnny Cade/OFC
  • Ponyboy Curtis/Angela Shepard (From TWWTIN)
  • Ponyboy Curtis/OFC
  • Ponyboy Curtis/Cathy Carlson (From TWTTIN)
  • Randy Adderson/Marcia
  • Sodapop Curtis/OFC
  • Sodapop Curtis/Sandy
  • Steve Randle/OFC
  • Steve Randle/Evie
  • Tim Shepard/OFC
  • Two-Bit Mathews/Kathy
  • Two-Bit Mathews/Marcia
  • Two-Bit Mathews/OFC

Slash pairings

  • Ponyboy Curtis/Johnny Cade
  • Johnny Cade/Dallas Winston
  • Dallas Winston/Tim Shepard
  • Sodapop Curtis/Steve Randle

Fan Fiction

According to The Outsiders Official Book and Movie Site, "S.E. Hinton has been to FF.net and read some of them, enjoying it very much." [47]

S.E. Hinton states in her book Some of Tim's Stories (regarding fan fiction and a sequel to the Outsiders) that "If you go to fanfiction.net, there are more than two thousand Outsider stories, and a lot of them are sequels. I'm fine with fanfiction.net if that helps kid get the feel or writing, but to me The Outsiders stands where it is. I ended it at the right place [...] But I may write a sequel and put it in my safety-deposit box to be opened after my death, just to keep another writer from doing a sequel after the copyright expires. As much as I don't mind fanfiction.net, I'm uncomfortable with the thought of somebody else seriously messing with my characters."


See Outsiders fans.

Fandom size

There are approximately 1500 Outsiders fan fiction authors at FanFiction.net.

As of December 2009, there are over 4600 Outsiders fan fiction stories at FanFiction.net.

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