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PPMB stands for Pretty Princess Monsters Blargh. The term was coined to identify parties involved with Race Fail 2009. [1]



The term was invented in early June 2009 in the comments on a post by oliviacirce. [2] It described one side of Race Fail 2009. [3] aquaeri describes the sides as:

the Scary Pony is Elizabeth Bear's character Whiskey, the kelpie that takes (black) human form in Blood and Iron, as critiqued by Avalon's Willow here where there's also a lot of mention of monsters, which may make Avalon's Willow a Pretty Princess Monster, but I'm not going to label her for her. The PPMB do seem to be friends with a bunch of Orcs, anyway.
As I define the groups, I identify more with the Pretty Princess Monsters Blargh, but since I'm now out in the fringes of analytic critique I suspect I may actually be turning into that Berserker Valkyrie I threatened the world with when I broke up with rasfc. And Beserker Valkyries seem like a useful, nicely symmetrical counterbalance to the older generation of SF fandom who the Scary Ponies Oh No are liberal in response to, who don't have a name. I think of them as the Reactionary Pigs and that just proves I should not be naming them.[4]


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