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A photo of the band.


This is one of the largest Fueled by Ramen fandoms.

History of the Band

Panic! At the Disco was formed in the suburban area of Summerlin, Las Vegas, by childhood friends Ryan Ross on guitar and Spencer Smith on drums. Since the age of thirteen, the two played Blink-182 covers in bands of different formations, but finally recruited Brent Wilson on bass and Brendon Urie on vocals and guitar.

Before acquiring Urie on vocals, the band went by the title "Summer League," possibly a reference to the town in which they lived, Summerlin. Once Urie was officially with the band, they settled on the name Panic! at the Disco. The name originates from the song 'Panic' by Name Taken, the lyric "panic at the disco" is a direct quote. Due to the fact that Name Taken is not a well known band Panic has sometimes been quoted to say that the name came from the song 'Panic' by The Smiths, which includes the line "burn down the disco".

In order to promote their music, the band contacted Fall Out Boy bassist Peter Wentz, through LiveJournal, and sent him a link to their PureVolume site. Wentz was so impressed that he took a trip to Las Vegas to meet the band in person. After seeing them play in their garage, he asked if they would sign with his Fueled by Ramen imprint label Decaydance.

On July 6, 2009, the band posted the following message on their official website, responding to recent talk of the band breaking up:[1]

We just wanted to let you know, that the news of Ryan and Jon leaving the band is unfortunately true. It’s been an amazing journey being in a band with them, but sometimes individual tastes take friends in different directions and you can’t ignore it. They are some of the most talented guys we know, and we’re sure that whatever they do next will be great. That said, Panic At The Disco is alive and very very well. We are working on new songs that we are excited for you to hear. Our dates with Blink and No Doubt start in a little less than a month, and we wouldn’t miss those for the world. We know everybody has a lot of questions at this point with everything being so out of the blue, most of those should be answered in the coming weeks. We appreciate every one of you, and hope you continue with us on this incredible ride.
Pay attention we have a surprise in store for you.
-Brendon and Spencer

Fans reacted swiftly to the news. A Facebook page quoting the remarks received close to 4,000 comments from upset fans within 2 days' time.[2],[3]


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

Common Pairings

The most common pairings in the PATD fandom are slash pairings. Most popular is between lead singer Brendon Urie and guitarist Ryan Ross. This is the result of what many consider the massive amounts of homoerotic behavior between the two of them, displayed in pictures found all over the internet and many video clips from YouTube. The pairing is so common it even spawned those cute little couple nicknames. Many refer to the pairing simply as "Ryden".

Another common pairing is between drummer Spencer Smith and former bassist Brent Wilson.

After Brent left the band, PATD recruited Jon Walker as their new bassist. Jon is paired with everyone in the group, though most commonly it seems to be with Spencer, hence the couple name Joncer, though Ryden still reigns supreme.

Outside of the band, PATD slash includes crossovers with numerous bands. Most popular seem to be with Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is...

Common crossover pairings include Ryan Ross/William Beckett (TAI), Ryan Ross/Pete Wentz (FOB), and Jon Walker/Pete Wentz (FOB).

Fan Fiction

Panic! At the Disco fan fiction can be found predominately on LiveJournal. It is a bandfic fandom, in particular part of that group of bands referenced with "RYDON" in the exclusive sense. Its existence dates back to at least the Summer of 2006, when the band Panic! At the Disco first started getting major online buzz.

Fandom history

The first fanfics for this band were probably posted in the Official Panic! At the Disco LiveJournal community, patd.

On September 29, 2005, the first Panic! At the Disco fanfiction community was created. Slash! at The Disco was also the first slash fanfiction community created, as the fandom mainly included pairings within the band, rather then crossovers or Mary Sues.

SATD began as a place for the handful of Panic slash writers to post their work for others to read and enjoy. The maintainers made fics easy to find by archiving them in the communities memories by pairing. Later they redid the archives by author.

As the fandom expanded, so did SATD. Soon they were getting too many posts a day, and though they were filtering out the bad fics, a few still got through. This caused some people to complain, and many left the community. In response to the deplorable conditions of the original slash fiction community, a group of fans created the community Protect Ur Prost8. They claim to be "the very first and currently the only community on Livejournal dedicated to quality Panic at the Disco fanfiction."

Since then, SATD has cleaned up the community, and created satd_concrit. Satd_concrit is a community of writers who need a little help and feedback. To keep the rate of badfics down in the main community, writers who's fic falls well below the standards of writing are directed to satd_concrit before their fic can be posted at SATD.

Since the creation of Slash at the Disco, many other Panic! At the Disco slash communities have been created. Most notably is the LiveJournal community, Disco at the Slash. DATD has just over 1,300 members and 3 times the number of mods as Slash! at the Disco. This, however, does not mean that updates are more frequent.

In May 2007, FanWorks.Org had a problem with Panic! At the Disco fans plagiarizing stories. The worst offenders seemed to be people who took role-playing stories from various blogs and posted them as their own fan fiction. The site owner announced that if too may more incidents happened, he would delete the category. [5]

On July 7, 2009, the day after the announcement of the band breaking up, a bandom friending meme was begun by delicatelight.[6] This was to encourage unity as some people said they would be leaving the fandom, and there was a great deal of hurt and upset feelings about the situation.

The Internet


There are a lot of LiveJournal communities dedicated to Panic! At the Disco. Many of them are slash or fan fiction related.

On December 21, 2004, the LiveJournal community patd was created. [7]

On September 30, 2005, the LiveJournal community ____trophyboys was created. [8]

National Communities

Russian Panic fans

On January 6, 2007, the Russian language LiveJournal community ru_patd was created. [9]

Influential Fanworks

Fan fiction

Panic has said that they try to be as original as possible, but they do have some influences [ryan ross said something similar in their boxed set interviews such as Third Eye Blind, Moulin Rouge, and some others.

Fandom Members

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Fandom Size

Panic! At the Disco's fandom is currently the biggest and most popular in the realm of punkslash.[citation needed] Slash at the Disco is the biggest PATD fanfic community with over 5,000 members, Disco at the Slash is not far behind with just over 1,300 members,Protect Ur Prost8 has 328 members (many of which are not members of SATD), and the official Panic At the Disco LiveJournal community patd is a huge community in itself with over 13,000 members.

See also Panic! At the Disco group.

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