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Parody is a literature term.


Historical Definitions

The following term dates to December 2001 in the Harry Potter fandom:

Parody: A form of fanfiction that spoofs other movies/books/popular media by inserting the characters of one fandom into said media just for laughs. Most fandoms have fanfics that are spoofs or re-writes of popular shows like "Titanic", "Rocky Horror Picture Show" or "Star Wars" with all the characters replaced by the author's own dream cast.[1]

The following term dates to May 2003 in the Dragon Ball Z fandom:

A type of fanfic imitating another work (usually humorously) in terms of plot or characters. Example, this fic written by a friend, patterned after the movie Alive. But instead of having the normal movie characters, she put in the DBZ characters instead.[2]


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