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If you are interested in joining in some Twilight fun, this is the place for you to come. Originally this forum began as an attempt to kill the werewolf Jacob Black, and to enjoy a nice vacation to the Volturi. The original name for Party at the Institute was Revenge and Vacation. Revenge on Jacob Black, and a Vacation for all almost vampires to the Volturi to be bitten. (some of our members had all ready been bitten, and they were just there to stalk the Cullens)

However, most of the members became vampires, and April got married to Jacob Black, the forum focused on killing Jacob Black. Ashes (the forum moderator) was the first to stop Jake-hating, and she helped April to ward off the Jake-hater ringleader, Chelsea, and her helpers, Brooke and sometimes Kate. After almost successfully killing Jake, turning him temporarily into a werepire, and a tragic accident with April involving Tiger Tranquilizers and Banana Chips, everyone called a truce, seeing as April reacted badly(or well) with the tranquilizer and became a werewolf too, so she and Jake were happily imprinted on each other. Jake found an alternate way of dealing with April's mental problem in the form of baseball bat.

Just as they thought things were cooling down, a dragon girl, (she has another very long, very hard to remember title) by the name of Summer shows up with her multiple boyfriends, and more dangerously, her plushies of doom.

Since then there have been many additions to this zany crew, including Ruby, Z(who is just a little evil), Jess, Laura, Anna, and many more.

Ashes123 - This girl started it all. Well, to be more specific, this vampire. Ash is the moderator on this fabulous forum. She hates violence, but loves the color black and definitely does not work as a brunette. Everyone on the forum loves her, and she's well deserving. Aside from Jazzy, Ash is content to wait patiently for her soulmate. :)

Message board history

On August 16, 2007, the FanFiction.Net forum Party at the Institute was created. [1]


April Namarie Black - This is an interesting case. April has been in since almost the begining, although her unending love for Jacob Black has sometimes been somewhat of a problem. She got married in the Bahamas, while on the run from her friends that were trying to murder her husband. She also has a rather unfortunate liking for banana chips, which can only be remedied by her loving husband knocking her out with a baseball bat. Much the Jake's horror and rage, April has had affairs with Leon Scott Kennedy, Jason Bourne, and Legolas Greenleaf

Ashes123 - (see moderator)

Brooke -

Kate -

Chels -

Summer -

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