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Peter David was a fan fiction writer who became a professional writer of science fiction and fantasy novels, including numerous Star Trek tie-in novels.


Published Works

Peter David's bibliography is quite extensive[1] and ranges from comic books, television scripts, tie-in novels, movie adaptations, and non-fiction. He has written tie-in novels in the Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica universes. His movie adaptations include Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man. His comic credits include move television tie-ins and other series such as Young Justice, Wolverine, Spider-Man and She-Hulk.

Fan Fiction

  • The Devil's War 1: "Vengeance Times Two", by Peter David, Vaslovik Archives
  • The Devil's War 2: "The Devil’s War, Part I: Imperative Override" by Peter David, Vaslovik Archives, 1977
  • The Devil's War 3: "The Devil’s War, Part II" by Peter David, Vaslovik Archives, 1980
  • The Devil's War 4: "The Devil’s War, Part III" by Peter David, Vaslovik Archives


Peter David has been involved in a number of kerfluffles and wanks which have taken place in fandom through the years.

Scans Daily

Peter David was implicated in the suspension of the popular LiveJournal community scans_daily in February 2009.[2] Posts to scans_daily shared excerpts of comics books--often for humorous or slash-related content--claiming that as commentary it fell under fair use. However, according to Peter David the community also was beginning to post more lengthy excerpts and "spoilers" for new releases, including his own X-Factor #40. David reported scans_daily to Marvel Comics for this, however the scans were removed before Marvel could take action. Nevertheless, this happened only days before the community was suspended, so it was highly suspected that David's reporting of the incident was a contributing factor.[3],[4],[5]

Many were upset by the loss of the community, arguing that the reproduction of comic pages in the community did nothing to hurt the sales of featured titles; indeed, many claimed they had not been interested in certain books until seeing the scans there. Much vitriol was directed toward David as a result of this, and his responses to the matter in his blog.[6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15],[16]


Peter David was one of the professional authors who came under fire and criticism during Race Fail 2009, most specifically for a blog he posted on February 24, "Soooo...electing Barack Obama was an act of cowardice?"[17] His name was added to the "Author Shit List" proposed on March 8 by bridgetmkennitt.[18]

Russet Noon

Peter David became involved in the Russet Noon controversy in April 2009 by proposing a satirical spoof to be post, round-robin style, in his blog. This spoof would be entitled Potato Moon. While some jumped at the chance to want to be involved in the project, others wondered if David was simply looking to cash in on a major controversy for the publicity it could bring him.[19]

On May 10, 2009, an updated post about Russet Noon was made on fandom wank by caito. [20] It looked at LadySybilla's comments to User:Tikatu, an update on Potato Moon and Peter David, LadySybilla's apology to Stephenie Meyer, and the ongoing Wikipedia drama. [21]

On November 18, 2009, Peter David and Potato Moon were mentioned in a review of The Harvard Lampoon's parody of Twilight, entitled Nightlight. [22]

The Fan

As a fan, Peter David was involved in the The Questor Tapes fan community, where he published stories in several fanzines.

The Professional Author

Fanworks policy and history

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