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Convention logo
Status active
Genre Science fiction
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (previously)
Cherry Hill, New Jersey (currently)
Sponsor Philadelphia Science Fiction Society
First held 1936
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Philcon, the "Philadelphia Conference on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror", is one of the longest running science fiction conventions in the United States. It is hosted by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, and the first Philcon was held in 1936.

While the primary emphasis of the convention is literary science fiction, the convention typically has a media panel track including discussion of such television and film properties as Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, and Battlestar Galactica, as well as anime programming and screenings, gaming, and other activities. Typical convention events such as an art show, dealers room and masquerade also take place.



  • There is some debate as to whether Philcon is the first science fiction convention ever held. Some argue that an event in Leeds, England in 1937 was the first convention as it involved individuals purchasing tickets to listen to several speakers. In contrast, the 1936 gathering of fans in Philadelphia was more informal, taking place at the home of fan Milton A. Rothman.
  • In 1960, there were some reports of hostility of science fiction fans towards comic book fans at the convention. [1]
  • Philcon 2009 took place November 20 - November 22, 2009 at The Crowne Plaza Hotel Philadelphia-Cherry Hill in New Jersey. Principal Speaker was Catherine Asaro; Artist Guest-of-Honor was Frank Wu; and Special Guest was L.A. Banks. At the 2009 convention, both artists and dealers reported very slow sales, some approximately 1/3 of the amount the were used to from previous years (especially in the years before the Millennium Philcon). Attendance was also low, with at-the-door membership sales about half of what it had been the last year. There was some speculation over how the convention could continue more than another year or two at this rate.[2]

Impact on fandom

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Panel programming at Philcon typically covers a range of tracks including Anime, Art, Children's activities, Costuming, Filk, Film, Gaming, Literary, Media, Science and Technology.


The Philcon dealers' room has long been focused heavily on book dealers and publishers, with other general science-fiction merchandise also represented. Some dealers which have attended Philcons in the past include:

Fans attending

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  • Sam Moskowitz, The Immortal Storm, A History of Science Fiction Fandom, 1st ed.,1954, The Atlanta Science Fiction Organization Press, Atlanta, GA, page 82.
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