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Ash Ketchum is a ten year old boy who lives in a world inhabited by creatures known as Pokemon. Once a child turns ten, they are able to go to the local Pokemon Laboratory and get their first Pokemon. Ash wants to become the world's greatest Pokemon master, by raising and battling with them. But the morning of when he needs to pick up his Pokemon, he sleeps in! When he finally gets to the Pokemon Lab, only one Pokemon remains, an electric type mouse Pokemon named Pikachu. Ash thinks that he's going to have a fun time with his new Pokemon, but the Pikachu is more then stubborn and causes him many difficulties.

Finally, Ash and Pikachu become friends. But when Ash feels challenged by the call of 'The Pokemon Legue' (an elite group of Pokemon trainers that will face all other Pokemon trainers, IF they have all the 8 Pokemon gym badges) he sets off on a journey to defeat all the Gym Leaders and get all 8 badges so he can face the Pokemon League.


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

  • doujinshi are fan-made Japanese comics.
  • gijinka are animal characters drawn as humanoids.
    • Alternately, "Pokémorph" is used by fans to describe an anthropomorphic Pokémon. However, it was once used (and occasionally still used to this day) to describe a human who can transform into a Pokémon, much akin to Animorphs.
  • seme, which is a Japanese word and refers to the dominant member of a relationship.
  • shoujo ai is a Japanese term that refers to a female/female relationship that is not as explicit as yuri.
  • shounen ai is a term that refers to a male/male relationship that is not as explicit as yaoi.
  • slash, which refers to a male/male relationship.
  • uke, which is a Japanese word that is used in English to describe the submissive member of a relationship.
  • yaoi, which is another Japanese term, refers to a slash relationship.
  • yuri, which is yet another Japanese term, refers to a female/female relationship.


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.


  • " On December 17, 1997, more than 700 people were rushed to hospitals for irritated eyes, vomiting, and convulsions after watching an episode of Pokémon (Pocket Monster). In this specific episode, "Computer Warrior Porygon," it was the explosion of a flash bomb followed by five seconds of flashing red light in Pikachu’s eyes that triggered the seizures." [1]



  • In 1999, the first records of the Universal Pokemon Network appear in the Wayback Machine. The forums at UPN, as it was known, and those of competing site Bulbagarden were hosts to a number of early fandom developments. UPN is where many of the fandom's myriad obscure shipping names -- a collection famously requiring a glossary to keep track of -- were first coined and/or popularized. During this period a pairing of protagonists Ash and Misty known as AAML (Ash and Misty Love) or Pokeshipping was the dominant fandom pairing, with a pairing of Ash and rival Gary known as Shishi (from their Japanese names, Satoshi and Shigeru) or Palletshipping running a close second, and Rocketshipping (a pairing of James and Jessie) of perennially high popularity as well. Pokeshippers congregated around a few charismatic AAML club leaders and the Ash and Misty's Love website, and were very confident (many quite snidely so) that Ash and Misty as a pairing would become canon; supporters of Palletshipping congregated around ChaosRocket, the leader of a Palletshipping club, and her website, Reason to Believe. Supporters of many less-popular pairings, such as Egoshippers (a Gary and Misty pairing), Leagueshippers (supporters of an Ash and Richie pairing), and others, greatly resented and disliked the Pokeshipper factions due to their perceived snobbishness. A large Shipping war broke out between the members of Palletshippers International (ChaosRocket's Palletshipping club) and Official Pokeshippers (Archaic's Pokeshipping club.)
  • In 1999, the Bulbagarden Networks was created. [3]
  • Palette opened on May 20, 1999. [4]
  • On September 2, 1999, the mailing list ashandmisty4everclub was created. [5]


  • In 2000, FanFiction.Net ran a beta certification process. People who wished to be certified as beta readers were asked to beta read a story, treating the process as they would any story they normally beta read. This was run by Michela Ecks and Niamh Crilly as part of FanFiction.Net’s Writers University. The pass rate was roughly one in four. Some examples of poor beta reading attempts submitted included phrases like “This sucks,” and “You should consider not writing any more fan fiction.”








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In addition to various shipping wars, notably between the Ash and Misty (a.k.a. Pokeshipping, a.k.a. AAMRN, etc.) and the Gary and Ash (a.k.a. Palletshipping and Shishi) shippers, there's also been wank about the recent voice actor changes for the dubbed anime cast.

Influential Fanworks

One of the most well-known stories and influential, the first 'darkfic' in Pokemon fandom, is the story Pokemon Master, written by Ace Sanchez.

Fandom Members

See Pokemon fans.

Fandom Size

As of March 3, 2008, there were 443 fans on FanPop. [40]

See also Pokemon fan fiction community size.

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Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

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