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The community was founded by Switchknife. It was eventually turned over to Pauraque. Leadership was then turned over to femmequixotic. As of December 13, 2007, the maintainer is femmequixotic. [1]

Community history

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On November 3, 2003, the LiveJournal community Pornish Pixies was founded by Switchknife. It was dedicated to adult-rated Harry Potter fanfiction.

Switchknife, who maintained the popular Switchknife Recs[2] founded the Pornish Pixies community after a series of internecine battles (known as wank) embroiled the Harry Potter fandom. She began with the premise, "Let's get back to the porn -- the good kind of wank."

- Respect other people's squicks. Since this is a pr0n community, there will be depictions of various kinds of sexual practices. Please state warnings clearly before the fic/poem, or place your story behind a cut-tag (as advised above), if you feel that some of your subject matter could seriously upset people. (Examples: chanslash, bloodplay, rape.)

- Respect other people's kinks. Do not tease and/or abuse someone for their particular proclivities, or what they choose to write in a fic. Everyone here reserves the right to perv unchallenged.[3]

The maximum length of stories was originally 5,000 words, but that went by the wayside fairly quickly.

While members had to be adult, ("Is there an age limit for members?" -- "Yes. Yes. YES. You MUST be an adult in your country (and/or state) of residence")[4], in late February/ early March, 2005, God Awful Fan Fiction posters complained about Pornish Pixies for a Harry Potter story by ailei because it was a "chan/slash/incest/twincest porn story." God Awful Fan Fiction posters did not like that minors were able to readily access this story. [5][6][7]

Due to illness Switchknife left fandom in the summer of 2005, handing over leadership of the community to Pauraque. [citation needed] During Pauraque's leadership, he continued a number of traditions started by Switchknife, including monthly challenges.

On October 12, 2006, Pauraque handed over leadership to Femmequixotic when Pauraque lost interest in the community. [citation needed]

On May 29, 2007, the community was deleted by LiveJournal with no warning to the moderators. [8]

On May 31, 2007, the community was reinstated by LiveJournal with an indirect apology from the management of Livejournal for mistakenly deleting journals that merely listed inappropriate search terms in their interests list.[9] Livejournal had also deleted several incest survival communities and Lolita literary discussion groups as well.

After this event, the community membership was opened up to everyone.[citation needed] Previously membership was by invitation only, with only 250 to 300 members permitted to post.

In June 2007, it was discovered that a vigilante blogger Warriors for Innocence had demanded the closure of numerous Livejournal accounts, alleging they supported pedophiles.[10] Warriors for Innocence also supported Neo-Nazi groups. The "hit list" Warriors for Innocence posted matched this list of journals Livejournal deleted.[11]

Despite this, in August 2007, rumors circulated among fan fiction writers that Warner Brothers was putting pressure on LiveJournal to remove material from Pornish Pixies. This was mentioned in two places, the first quoting the second. The first rumor said:

Obviously, as said above, I removed the art anyway, despite what I said in my response. I posted to speculate on the possible reasons for them deciding my age statement was inadequate, as well as touching on the fact that, according to this post by khohen1, Warner Bros themselves sent a Cease and Desist to LJ regarding a locked post on PP. Chances are fairly high that their C&D was regarding my post.
Case and point: Today they received something along the lines of cease and desist from Warner Bros, regarding a LOCKED post, that is not open to the public. WB was obviously informed of said illegal/iffy content by someone in the community who is probably there acting as a troll to stir shit up. I know this has happened before, to other communities, most notably the media sharing communities.
This is why this stuff is happening, you guys. If us LJers could keep quiet and not stir shit up that doesn't need to be stirred, LJ could continue to blithely ignore us and let us on our merry way. It's when we start turning on ourselves that we bring the heat down on us." [12]

The second rumor said:

She didnt' actually give me details, her point in telling me this was that no, it's not just the fringe radical groups that are noticing this kind of stuff, there are actual big corporations that literally spend millions of dollars a year on lawyers that deal with this specific kind of crap, that do contact LJ about stuff like this. And also to highlight the point that it's the people within our own ranks that are shitting on our parade. THAT is why LJ is having to pay attention, and honestly? Not blaming them there. [13]

Fans however never heard from Warner Brothers nor were these rumors ever substantiated.

More credible speculations pointed to Six Apart's postponed stock offering and suggested that the company was "cleaning house" just before it intended to sell Livejournal.[14] In fact, according to the New York Times, Livejournal was sold to Sup six months later.[15][16][17]

Since the deletion of the community, the maintainer has dealt with some behind the scenes grumbling regarding her leadership and where she is taking the community.[citation needed] Some peopleTemplate:Vague have claimed that she was was too acted too forgiving towards LiveJournal's staff, that she did not answer address problems as they came up and allowed them to fester, that she took over a community which she did not have the time commitment to maintain, and that she has left the community in limbo.[citation needed] These grumblersTemplate:Vague[citation needed], rightly or wrongly, blame her for the mess that happened during BoldThrough and StrikeThrough because of her lack of actions during that period. Most of this grumbling has gone on privately, on MSN and AIM conversation and on FLocked communities.[citation needed]

As of October 5, 2007, the maintainer of Pornish Pixies has not shared with the community's membership new policy guidelines in light of the events of StrikeThrough and BoldThrough. The community essentially remains frozen. Some members are upset that the maintainer has done nothing and has not turned over control to other members who would be willing to moderate it.

In November 2007, Femmequixotic posted regarding the community's future.


Well known members include ponderosa and elaboration who were suspended from LiveJournal for their posts to the community.

As of August 20, 2007, the community had 3120 members and was watched by 6,322 people. This list of 6,322 includes some of the following LiveJournal users:

edgemere, edhelur, edido, ee970, eemilyvr1, effet_de, effie_chan, egyptdreams, egyptian_kittie, egyptian_moon, ehlara, eileenthepeach, eileenv, ein_myria, einheitstochter, einsteinium, eiranea, eisdamme, ejeanmay, ekaterin, el_em_en_oh_pee, el_payasito, elanah, elanie99, elanna9, elanor_isolda, elanorofcastile, eldnia, eldriwolf, eleanoreight, electricandroid, elegantenvy, elektrik_storm, elentari769, eleraama, elethoniel, elewyiss, elfflame, elfgirlfromhell, elfwreck, elikiros, eliminate, elinevere, elkes_obsession, ella_bane, elle_hazard, ellenru, ellesmera73, ellie_i, ellione, elohvee, els_chan, elsie, elsketchbloggo, elusive_star, elvenmagick, elvirablue, elwing33, elwing_alcyone, elyle, emannep, emcharlotte, emei, emerald_snake, emerys, emiime, emila_wan, emily_gained, emluv, emmagrant01, emmamoonpotter1, emo_wicca, empress_jae, emtave, emynn, emyuhlie, enchantedblood, endaemion, endless_music, endorwitch, enelya_telrunya, enjolie, enkirara, enlisted_smile, enne_de_paix, enoa, ensemble, ensenada, entrenous88, entulesse, envinyatar15, eosthilas, eowyn7, eowyns_musings, eponis, eppyjones, erb_, eriador117, ericah62174, ericamalfoy, erie_potter, erin_sunde, erins_worlduk, eris348, erised_ym, erisedca, erisedraine, eromenos_x, erraticxthought, eruwen310780, erynwen, escape_me_06, escritoireazul, essenceofmalice, essie0908, estaria, estas_absentis, esther_leonie, esty_smith, eternalcow27, eternaltwilite, ether_bunny, etoile_du_tir, etoilegyrl, eumenides1, euphory, euryleias, evajames, eve_pierson, eveningemma, ever_obsessed, evidux, evil_erato, evilcalling, evildime, evilemperorzurg, evilephrael, evilimp, evilkittymeow, eviloverqueen, evilsource, ex_kiana622, exiled_mind, exit_chrysalis, exotik, expeliarbum, exploration, exsitu, exsurgere, eyes_forlorn, eyesaintmoving, eyespy, eyezspkvlmz3, eyrai, ezri_dax, f13tch3r, fabre, fabularasa, facade_of_bliss, facsimile18, fadeawaynever, faded_memories, faery_reel, faerydragonet, faile02, fairegoddess, fairyjen03, fakearomance, fall_fromgrace, fallen_angel815, fallen_iceangel, fallenembers33, fallenravie, fallenrosetearz, fallenshateiel, famousalchemist, fan_turtles_04, fandomcakes, fandomstuff, fanfictionfan, fanfictionfreak, fannishnej, fanrus, fantasticalknot, faradheia, fatalwhysper, fatelesskitten, faulty_fingers, faynia, fearlessfirefly, feather_tongued, featherwish, federiking, feelianauthor, feklar, felicius_rex, femmequixotic, fenna_girl, fenume_laiqua, fer_de_lance, fern_phasmar, ferret_mafan, fetisha665, feverishbm, feygan, fiatincantatum, ficfairyfriends, ficfan984

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