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Potato Moon is a multi author spoof of Russet Noon. Peter David is organizing the collaboration effort on his blog.



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Story History

Screencap of Peter David's blog, showing the cover art for his satire, "Potato Moon".

On April 20, 2009, writer Peter David announced he was writing a satirical, round-robin sequel to the Twilight series entitled Potato Moon. The idea was inspired by and is "a long, sustained campaign of mockery"[1] of Lady Sybilla's endeavor. His choice of title was a play on Russet Noon, about which he said, "...when I hear russet I tend to think of spuds rather than the color".[2] Glenn Hauman announced on April 22, that he had created the cover for the book which was to start online publication on Friday, April 24, 2009.[3]

AV Paranormal responded on April 23, 2009 with a press release.[4] In it, they compared Lady Sybilla to "the Dragon Mother of ancient myths, the one who rises from the depths of the Earth to wipe out an entire civilization. She is Nemesis and Binah, the terrible mother, the bringer of death and destruction" while characterizing Peter David as "a right-wing conservative, a President-Bush type of guy who just doesn't wanna let go of the old ways". They describe Potato Moon as "the self-proclaimed leader of a new movement. More of an Inquisition, really. A glorious mob aching to bully a lone ranger, indie self-publisher, into exhile(sic)." Their conclusion was: "If the fans thought the courtroom drama would be the fun part, they ain't seen nothing yet."

As a footnote, AV Paranormal noted that they were looking to replace the central image on the Russet Noon cover. They said they were willing to purchase a license for the artwork, and required proof of copyright ownership from any prospective artists.

Wikipedia page for Potato Moon, complete with deletion notice.
On April 26, 2009, Lady Sybilla created a Wikipedia page for Potato Moon, including links. She described the project as "a satire to ridicule a fanfic novel called Russet Noon". Though she was the one to create the page, she asked for another editor to edit it for her. It was quickly slated for deletion, however, the proposed deletion was contested on April 28 by removal of the PROD tag.[5]

She also asked Nightscream, a frequent editor on Peter David's Wikipedia page, to add the information on Potato Moon to the article. [6] He agreed to do so, but wanted more explanation about the press releases she had provided.[7] In the end, though Nightscream used blog entries as sources showing Peter David's opinions on copyright infringement, he politely concluded of Lady Sybilla's links "...in investigating them, it does not appear that there are any sources to support those things that would be considered reliable by WP.".[8]

On May 10, 2009, an updated post about Russet Noon was made on fandom wank by caito. [9] It looked at LadySybilla's comments to User:Tikatu, an update on Potato Moon and Peter David, LadySybilla's apology to Stephenie Meyer, and the ongoing Wikipedia drama. [10]

On November 18, 2009, Potato Moon was mentioned in a review of The Harvard Lampoon's parody of Twilight, entitled Nightlight. [11]


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