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Quizilla is a blogging site which is fan fiction friendly. It has integrated fan fiction into its service in a way that is more friendly than LiveJournal by clearly separating it. Stories can be found by using tags. You can make stories, quizzes, polls, poems, and songs. It is a great way to let your creativity flow.


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On December 14, 2007, Quizilla launched an official blog to discuss the site. [1] On that blog, they announced several changes to the site:

*There's a dedicated quiz editor, story editor, poem editor etc. This should help with all of the miscategorized creations.
  • All of your content will have the same tools so you can rate, share and report content more easily.
  • The relaunched site will let you create content faster, find things more easily and generally make you a happier person. :)
  • Plus bunches of new features you'll have come back to find out about...
  • The new Quizilla will also be easier to use and make new creations.
It will have beter layouts too. The post generated 191 comments as of January 29, 2008. People had mixed views regarding this news. Some people thought it would be awesome. Some people were not so impressed. [2] Some people were really upset that Quizilla was talking about changing its color scheme. They liked the colorful layout and the preview for the new one they thought was boring. At least one commenter threatened to go move to FictionPress:
I would be incredibly angered if homepage and quiz layouts were removed I would definitely leave Q! and go to FictionPress or someother site that allows creativity. [3]
Some people hoped that the changes would bring a new audience to Quizilla:
I don't like the layout, but at least there will be better people joining. It gives us all a fresh start. Pretty much all the crackpot writers(no offense)left to other fanfic websites, so it will be better while they're gone. And its time we DID get something new. Look at all the quizzes. Notice anything lately? Almost all of them are either unoriginal, seven minutes in heaven games, or both. And they are clogging the quiz folder. Its better that we update. [4]
A lot more people were opposed to change on principle that they don't like change. On December 27, Quizilla invited people to check out their new look. [5] In the post, they also said:
We know a lot of you were hoping we'd keep the old quiz editor, but we think we've come up with a really great way to make all types of content that should be easy for everyone to use. Each content type has its own editor - one for stories, one for quizzes, and so on. (The journals editor is still in the works.) This should help cut down on all of the miscategorized content. So please play around with them and make some things -- just note that you won't be able to go back and make changes after you save your creations.
As of January 29, 2008, the entry generated 3,617 comments. The first comments seemed to generally be in favor of it, digging the new look:
I think it looks cool!!! [6]
It's great, but it'll take a while to get used to. [7]
By the second page, people have gotten upset:
It's horrible. For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE leave quizilla the way it is! [8]
These types of comment continue for several pages:
You guys seriously should have had a poll going about this or something. I believe the majority vote would have been to keep the old Quizilla. [10]
I DUN LIKE IT! IT'S LIKE THOSE CRUDDY SITES LIKE THE N OR SOMETHING!!! DON'T!!! Plus ppl might quit, b/c they won't know how to work it....eh..I'll try it out... [11]
I agree with GrenadeJumper. WHERE'S THE PENCIL MONSTER! It was sooo cool and original. pleeease bring it back! [12]
On January 29, 2008, the site went down for maintenance for about five minutes. Plus, in the first journal they said that they would delete ALL the creations that the users did, and that there probably wouldn't be homepages, and the Pencil monster wouldn't appear anymore. A lot of people freaked out for that drastic change and said that they would quit.


On May 25, 2007, Quizilla had 806 new stories posted on that day.

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The amount of users and their creations on quizilla changes daily. On average, Quizilla receives about 800 new creations and 5,000 new people every day, however these numbers vary.

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