Racism = prejudice plus power

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"racism = prejudice plus power" is a phrase coined by anti-racism trainer Judith H. Katz in her book White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training, a book rooted in the 12-step movement, conceiving of racism as a disease in need of treatment. In the book, it's on page 53 (2nd edition), almost an aside, an optional addition to dictionary definitions of racism. Mary Langan in her essay, "The Legacy of Radical Social Work" remarks that Katz's phrase and its accompanying approach tend to lead to acrimonious situations

Katz's formulation "racism = prejudice plus power" was widely used in Race Fail 2009 in order to claim that those People of Color criticizing whites cannot, by definition, be racist. See, for example, Mary Anne Mohanraj[1].


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