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Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers

Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers was an animated series made by Disney. It was part of a series of Disney cartoons which updated classic characters. The other shows in this series were Ducktales (based the Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comic books), TaleSpin (Baloo, Louie, and Share Khan from The Jungle Book), and Goof Troop (Goofy and Pete). Rescue Rangers featured the classic Disney characters the chipmunks Chip and Dale as the leaders of a team of rodent detectives/crime fighters/adventurers. Rounding out the group were Gadget Hackwrench, a young female mouse who was a skilled inventor; Monterey Jack (or Monty for short), a gruff, but lovable Australian mouse with a weakness for cheese; and Zipper, a small, but loyal housefly.

The Rescue Ranger Fan Community is a well established one, dating back nearly two decades to the original airing of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Originally based off of the Disney Afternoon Usenet, the fandom eventually found a permanent home in the form of the forums at The Acorn Café and Chip 'N Dale Online. These forums remain to this day major gathering places of this international fandom. Though small in number compared to some other fandoms, the Rescue Ranger Fan Community has persisted and continues to grow, attracting many artists and authors. [citation needed]



Below is a timeline of the release of canon.


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in the Rescue Ranger community.

  • RR : Shorthand for "Rescue Rangers"
  • CDRR or CnDRR : Shorthand for "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers"
  • Rangerphile : An individual who is deeply involved in the Rescue Ranger Fan Community.
  • Gadgephile or Gadgetphile - An individual who has a particular affinity for Gadget Hackwrench.
  • Pro : An individual in the Rangerphile community who is in favor of Chip and Gadget Hackwrench as a couple.
  • Anti : An individual in the Rangerphile community who is not in favor of Chip and Gadget Hackwrench as a couple.


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in the Rescue Ranger community.


  • The release of the NES Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers video game took place in 1989. The game had a warm reception and found a sizable fanbase. This helped to increase interest in other related properties such as the cartoon and comic. [citation needed]
  • Marvel Comics released a series of graphic novels featuring the Rescue Rangers. Though well written and highly sought by collectors today, many in the fandom saw these as being outside of Rescue Rangers canon.
  • In December, W.T.F.B, a Disney Afternoon zine, created, in response to the cancellation of the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers comic series. [5]
  • In December of this year, The Internet Gadget Archive opens. At the time it is one of the largest and most complete source for screen captures, fan works, and reference material pertaining to the Rescue Rangers in general and Gadget Hackwrench in particular.
  • In August 1997, Johan's Rescue Rangers Page was published online. It was the most comprehensive Rescue Ranger fan fiction archive online. ([6])
  • On June 1, 1998, Byron "TheBoz" Crowe releases the Ranger Code, although an earlier beta test version was released in May of that year. Based around the infamous "Geek Code" it allows Rangerphiles to instantly see relevant information about another Rangerphile in a glance. This information eventually grows to include such trivia as which Ranger is that individuals favorite, how devoted to the fandom that individual consideres him/herself, and the standing of that individual in the "Pro Vs. Anti" debate. ([7])
  • In August 1998, Executive Producer of the series Tad Stones makes an appearance on the Acorn Café, much to the delight and appreciation of the fandom.
  • In November 1998, the fandom is rocked by the killing of Darren Perlongo, who went by the name Sabrewolf.
  • Noted character actress Deborah Walley, who played the two one-shot characters Lahwhinie and Foxglove in the series, initiates regular communication with the fan community.


  • On February 18, 2001, the fan community is informed about Deborah Walley, voice of Lahwhinie and Foxglove, suffering from a severe illness, esophageal cancer.
  • Deborah Walley passes away on May 10, 2001. The following day, this news is brought to the attention of the community. The Rescue Ranger fandom is thrown into mourning, as Mrs. Walley had maintained contact with the fan community since 1999.
  • On August 13, 2003 the fandom is once again deeply hurt by the loss of an active member. Andrew Bell, better known to his fellow Rangerphiles as Andy aka MOnty, suffered greatly from health problems which were the result of inhaling toxic dust from the collapsing towers of the World Trade Center, and his passing was indirectly linked to such.
  • June 2005, The Acorn Cafe goes from its original RPG style message board to a phpBB style message board.
  • In January 2005, Chip 'n' Dale Online is created as an information and multimedia database for the classic cartoons as well as CDRR. Chip 'n' Dale Online (also known as CnD Online) has its own message board called "the Peanut Gallery," wherein many members of the fan community interact.
  • On March 1, 2006, Midnight Man joined the Acorn Café. [8] He went on to become an influential member of the site.
  • On July 5, 2006, Lance Burns opens The Ranger Wiki, an online encyclopedia of all things Rescue Ranger. Based on the Wikipedia (TM) model it is quickly filled by community historians like Midnight Man or Mr. Spumoni.
  • On September 2, 2006, Alain, a Belgian member of the fan community, had contact with Disney Benelux to inquire about an European release of the Rescue Rangers DVD sets. After some lobbying, he received a positive answer. Europeans would get their Rescue Ranger DVDs.
  • On February 28, 2007, the Acorn Café is visited by 35 individuals on the board at the same time, at 9:31 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, placing it short of the standing attendance record of 59 individuals on the board at one time as set by Chip 'n' Dale Online.
  • Over Easter Weekend 2007, a group of a dozen European community members meet in Antwerp, Belgium. The 2007 EuroRangerCon, though informal, is considered a important step in the growth of The Rangerdom.

Kerfluffles, Issues and Wank

Acorn Cafe

The Acorn Cafe has had a number of issues with the topic of homosexuality, both in fan fiction and in the fandom in general. For further details on this controversial issue, see Rescue Ranger fandom - LGBTI Issues.

See also Acorn Café on the Rescue Ranger Wiki.

Gadget's Love Life

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"The "Ranger Wars", the two heated debates over the Chip/Gadget relationship was waged by groups called "Pros" and "Antis". Although serious at first the conflict never became inflammatory, and by the end had even taken on a slap-stick nature. Most Rangerphiles fall into one of the two categories, but a neutral middle has always existed. Today most members at the Acorn Café consider "The Ranger Wars" as objects of hilarity, and although the factions still exist and show their beliefs in story and art, the general friendly atmosphere of the fandom and the strict policies on censoring contentious issues have all but erased any unpleasant memories." [9]

See also Conflicts regarding Gadget's love life|Ranger Wars on the Rescue Ranger Wiki.


In March and April 2007, The Acorn Cafe suffered a minor attack from "Anonymous". [citation needed] A Cafe member who had given away the location of a chatroom was banned. [citation needed]

Encyclopedia Dramatica

During 2008, there were a number of edits to the Rangerphile article. [10] This article caused problems for the two major sides in the Ranger fandom's ongoing feuds. They attempted to edit the article, and related articles, to improve their position, remove material that they viewed as hurtful, etc. This egged on regulars to Encyclopedia Dramatica who ramped up their article editing in response. This behavior continued in to 2009. [11] Recently, an attack was made on the deceased Deborah Walley, which ticked the Rangerphile community.

Fan History

In 2008, there were some issues in the Rescue Rangers fandom regarding the neutrality of the article. This was a result of the article having been written by a non-fandom member, having used Encyclopedia Dramatica as a primary source for some information regarding the fandom and some early edits which favored one side of the fandom. The article was linked to on locked message boards by the two major sides in the fandom. The result was that the article had a Neutral Point of View warning slapped on the article. Problems on Fan History continued in February 2009 as articles were blanked or forwarded to another site and other vandalism took place. [12]

Ranger War I

The section needs more information.

Ranger War II

On February 14, 1998, an innocent post on the new Acorn Café accidentally sets off "Ranger War II", this one given the informal name "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre". Much more brief than the first, the final consensus on the Chip/Gadget relationship is that neither side on the "Pro Vs. Anti" debate had a majority and that arguing about such matters was not constructive. This was the final "Ranger War".

Fan Art

Fan art and fan fiction are the two biggest forms of fanac that the fan community engages in. Much of the fan art focuses on Gadget Hackwrench.


In order to best recognize the members of the fandom for their efforts, and to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary, the first and only Plato Awards Ceremony is held on July 5, 1999. It is entirely written by the fan fiction writer, artist, and otherwise prolific Rangerphile Matt Plotecher. [citation needed]

In 2002, the Plato Awards were given a successor named The Golden Acorn Awards. The first Golden Acorn Awards are held on December 29, 2002. Since that time they have been held yearly with the fandom members contributing to the Acorn Cafe selecting a new setting for the "proceedings" from around the globe by limited group consensus.

Fan Fiction


The following is a timeline of events that took place in the fan fiction community.

  • In August 1991, Miami Munks was published online. It was originally intended as a script for the Rescue Rangers series, but unfortunately was not submitted until after the decision to cancel the production was handed down at Disney. It was written by David Walker in 1990. [13] It became one of the earliest pieces of Rescue Rangers fan fiction published.
  • On December 6, 1995, Rhyme and Reason, perhaps the most famous piece of Rescue Rangers fan fiction, was completed. It took the author Michael Demcio two years to complete it. This was at that time the longest piece of Rescue Rangers fan fiction, and perhaps the most well-known. And still today, it is regarded as one of the best pieces of Rescue Rangers fan fiction ever written. [14]
  • On April 16, 1996, Michael Demcio's Rhyme and Reason premiered as the first Rescue Ranger fan fiction on Usenet. It was the first novel-length Ranger story, and the first story to explore the possibilities of the Chip/Gadget relationship, the first to provide real character development for any of the characters. [15]
  • On January 3, 2003, Chris Fischer, a noted New York City musician and artist, releases Of Mice and Mayhem, a graphic novel of 232 pages altogether. It's rich, textured drawings and dramatic, action-laden plot instantly sweep it to the very heights of Rescue Rangers fan-fiction prominence.
  • On August 16, 2006 Loneheart finishes Gadget In Chains. It has been the longest Rescue Ranger fan fiction ever since. Revolving around the interplay between the spirits of good and evil it involves what some in the fan community consider one of the most harrowing and engrossing plots recorded in the fandom.


In order to best recognize the members of the fandom for their efforts, and to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary, the first and only Plato Awards Ceremony is held on July 5, 1999. It is entirely written by the fan fiction writer, artist, and otherwise prolific Rangerphile Matt Plotecher. [citation needed]

In 2002, the Plato Awards were given a successor named The Golden Acorn Awards. The first Golden Acorn Awards are held on December 29, 2002. Since that time they have been held yearly with the fandom members contributing to the Acorn Cafe selecting a new setting for the "proceedings" from around the globe by limited group consensus.

On February 28, 2007 saw the celebration of the 5th Annual Golden Acorn Awards. The event saw so many community members attempting to log onto the Café that the boards suffered a crash which lasted about an hour before being restored.


The fan fiction community has always been relatively small compared to many other fandoms but is one of the larger and more active cartoon fan fiction communities. Most of the activity takes place on fandom specific fansites and personal pages for authors. There is some activity on multifandom archives but the fans who post there generally are not as integrated in to the larger fan community or post there in order to gain access to a wider, panfannish audience.

See also Rescue Rangers fan fiction community size.

Influential Stories

  • Colors of Love by Meghan Brunner is a two-part culmination of the "Mooncrystal" series. The work is notable, in CDRR fanfiction, for a plot about Gadget coming to terms with her homosexuality. Along the way, a cadre of dynamic and interesting characters play a part in what is considered by some to be a triumph of the genre. [citation needed] [16]
  • Miami Munks by David Walker was a script originally intended to be submitted to Disney, but was submitted after the decision was made to end the run of the show. It has a plot characteristic of the show, and includes much of the same type of humor and characterizations. [17]
  • Rhyme and Reason by Michael Demcio is first piece of epic-length fan fiction written expressly for the Rescue Ranger Fan Community. [citation needed] It features the Rangers placed in deadly games of chance by a apparently omnipotent threat, and is one of the first pieces of Rescue Ranger fan-fiction to explore a supposed relationship between Chip and Gadget Hackwrench.
  • Under The Bridge by John Nowak. This story relies greatly on the use of original characters and is noted [citation needed] for its technical skill and savy in delivering its effect. Gadget discovers she has a sister, Widget Hackwrench... who hates her living guts. A Byronic Hero, Widget uses her Gadget-like wits and ingenuity to trap her sister and the Rangers in a terrible situation. Both sisters then clash in what is considered a masterpiece of the Ranger fan fiction genre.[citation needed] Please be aware that this story is rated PG-13.
  • Of Mice and Mayhem by Chris Fischer is considered the single most important piece of fan-fiction and fan-art in the Rangerphile Community.[18] This illustrated novel is noted for its detail and engrossing story. [citation needed] Following a disastrous mission, the Rangers believe Gadget dead, but her re-appearance causes more pain and soul-searching that even her death. This was an effort of three years.
  • Gadget in Chains by Loneheart is the longest piece of Rescue Ranger fan fiction in existence at the time of this writing, at 33 chapters and 402,670 words. It explores the nature of good and evil, the relationships between siblings, and even the forces at work in our mortal souls. Please Note: This story is rated PG-13 by most standards.
  • The Rangerillion by Mr. Spumoni, released in 2007, is one of a kind in several senses. First of all, it is not fan fiction in the usual sense, because it tells the history of the Rescue Rangers themselves, their show, and their fandom; it is based on historical facts and a product of Spumoni's function as one of the Ranger fandom's historians. Besides, it is written in J.R.R. Tolkien's style and language which gives it a touch of fantasy. Although the title references The Silmarillion, the structure with three volumes rather reminds of Lord of the Rings. The names of the characters—from Mickey Mouse to Tad Stones and other staff members to the show's characters to many Rangerphiles — have been adapted to the overall style.

The Internet

The fandom embraced the Internet early in its history.

Mailing lists

The fan community has had a long presence on mailing lists that dates to the early 1990s. Below is a partial timeline of mailing list related events.


There was an active community located on Usenet for a number of years. Below is a partial timeline of Usenet related dates that took place in the fan community.


The fan community has an active wiki community. They are found helping out on several wikis including the Rescue Ranger Wiki, Fan History, Wikipedia, Wikia owned wikis and Encyclopedia Dramatica. The wiki community really began to gain steam in 2008.


For a history of the fan community about a specific character, please see the relevant article:

Main characters:



Shipping has been an issue of some controversy in the fan community. The ship community thus has its own unique history as a result. The major ship is Chip/Gadget.


See also Chip/Gadget.


Below is partial timeline of events that took place in this ship.


Acorn Cafe

The Acorn Café: The Acorn Café was established in February 1998, recently celebrating its 10 year anniversary. This forum specialises in art, stories, discussion, and banter that is mostly Rescue Ranger related, and more suitable to a conservative community. It often bills itself as "the friendliest and nicest group on the web," and has more registered members than any other CDRR forum. A link to the forum can be found here: [24]

Chip 'n' Dale Online

Chip 'n' Dale Online: CnD Online was established in January 2006. It hosts a variety of information about the chipmunk duo regarding both Rescue Rangers and the classic shorts, as well as various forms of media. The site also includes a message board for sharing fan creations and participating in a wide topic of conversation--all of which is conducted against the backdrop of one of the friendliest and most accepting atmospheres found on any internet forum. Other special features are a user gallery and a built-in chat. A link to the forum can be found here: [25]

Rescue Ranger Database

The Rescue Ranger Database: The brainchild of multi-talent Matt Plotecher, later taken over by Winston, and since June 27, 2007 hosted by the Vladivostok-based Rangerphile Tanka, the Rescue Ranger Database includes thousands of files of art, images, sounds, and stories from the show and created by the Rangerphile artists and writers. It is a definate must-see for anyone looking to see more of the fine work crafted by the community. A link can be found here: [26]

The Ranger Wiki

The Ranger Wiki: A Wikipedia-styled online encyclopedia of all knowledge pretaining to the series, the fandom, and all else that revolves around the Rescue Rangers! Much of the information displayed here on Fan History was came from this site. It is connected to via an InterWiki link. The Ranger Wiki can be found here: [27]

The "Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers" Fan Art Calendar

The "Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers" Fan Art Calendar published monthly celebrates new and recent Rescue Ranger fan art, birthdays of members, etc. Having been accumulating for a number of years, the calendars are spread out over several sites.

Fandom Members

Some of the most noted and prominent members of the Rangerphile Community were or still are:

  • Alain - Host of the 2007 EuroRangerCon and maybe the man who gave Europe the CDRR DVDs. (Active)
  • TheBoz - Influential in the early fandom, created the Ultimate Gadget Links page and the Ranger Code. (Inactive)
  • Campisi - Known for his prolific posting at both the Cafe and CnD Online. Banned from the Cafe for being inconvenient. Has been given his own "special" rank at CnD Online. (Active)
  • Candy Goldstein - Highly influential in the fandom's early years, created the Gadgephile Test, and more recently put a lot of work into the Ranger Wiki. (Active)
  • Chris Fischer - Talented artist and musician, creator of Of Mice and Mayhem fan comic. (Active)
  • Chris Sweeters - Talented and influential writer in the early fandom. (Inactive)
  • Ducky - Founder of Chip 'n' Dale Online. (Active)
  • Dr. Indy - Head administrator at the Acorn Café. Director of the Golden Acorn Awards. Wrote several pieces of fan fiction by himself or together with Chris Silva. (Active)
  • Jaleel Beck - Creator of the Foxglove Feature, a massive webpage devoted entirely to Foxglove. (Inactive)
  • The J.A.M. - Influential fan fic writer, author of Death Of A Comedian. (Active)
  • Jeff Parkes - Moderator at the Acorn Café. (Active)
  • John Nowak - Prominent writer of RR fan fiction. (Inactive)
  • Kevin Sharbaugh - Writer and artist, influenced by Seneca culture. (Active)
  • Julie Bihn - Long time moderator of the "Off Topic Board" for the pre-phpBB Cafe, and self-styled "Queen of the Antis" (Inactive)
  • Kat - Writer and artist, archived much of the early Cafe activity. (Active)
  • Matt Plotecher - Prolific writer and artist of RR fan works. Also created the RR-Database and the Plato Awards. (Inactive)
  • Mike Demcio - Talented and influential writer in the early fandom, wrote Rhyme and Reason. (Inactive)
  • Natasha Kashefipour - Founder of the Acorn Café. (Inactive)
  • Paltiel Goldstein - Created some of the early fandom's most influential webpages, including The Internet Gadget Archive and Everything Rescue Ranger. (Active but quiet)
  • pupspals - Employee in the television/film industry who once had personal access to Tad Stones, creator of CDRR. (Active)
  • Ray Jones - Artist and moderator at the Acorn Café, compiler of the Rescue Rangers Calendar. (Active)
  • \|erd|"The Robo|\|erd" Robert Hollingshead - Inspired many Rangerphiles to write fan fiction by creating The Adventures of Gadget Hackwrench. (Active but quiet)
  • Roy Neal Grissom aka "The Enduring Man-Child" - Influential fan fic writer and Foxglove fan. (Active)
  • scifly (Active)
  • Soda - Global moderator at Chip 'n' Dale Online, and occasional artist.(Active)
  • Squeak - Former Cafe member known for being openly critical of the cafe moderator's style of leadership. Banned for disrespectful behaviour toward a moderator in private emails. (Active)
  • Winston - Former moderator at the Cafe, talented writer, artist, and webdesigner. Took over the RRDatabase from Matt Plotecher. (Active)
  • Yunkel the Stalwart - Dale worshipper and "all-round annoyance" at the Café. (Active)

See also Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers fans for a directory of members of the fan community.

Fandom Size

September 2008

As of September 05, 2008 there were a total of 469 registered members at the Acorn Cafe, and 215 at Chip 'n' Dale Online, a few of whom frequent both sites. The Rescue Ranger Fan Community extends around the world with especially strong support shown from countries like Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In mid-2006, the community welcomed its first active member from the People's Republic of China, a talented young artist named Rye.

February 2009

As of February 15, 2009, there are 88 fans on FanPop's Toon Disney Classics FanSpot. [28] The FanSpot represents several fandoms including Rescue Rangers and Goof Troop.


See Rescue Rangers fan fiction community size for statistics regarding the daily growth of the fan fiction community.

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Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about the Rescue Ranger Fan Community.

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