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Rini is a member of the fan community and has been involved in fandom since at least 7 years and have been involved in different fandoms depending on her interests at the time and her interests does not confine to anime only. When it comes to fandom, she likes to create a variety of things that caters to her interests, such as fan art, fan fiction, creating icons, and so on. She also have been involved with Mediaminer.org in a variety of activities such as moderating the forums and the Art Archive of the site.


General biography

When it comes to which kind of works she likes to create for fandom, Rini enjoys creating fan art more than writing, though it may seem that her fan fiction writing[1][2] overwhelm the number of fan art[3] she has created. The reason is because she wanted to improve her writing craft and stories came out easier for her than creating a simple piece of art which was harder to produce.

Name History

When it comes to her namesake, it has undergone many changes, but one core part of her name remains is Rini. Contrary to what some might think, Rini did not get the name from Sailor Moon, and on another note, she did not know that there was a character named Rini (and even knew nothing of the anime's story at that point.)When she started out in a fandom, she was into Dragon Ball Z and wanted to come up with a decent sounding name and decided to go looking for one. On about.com site, she found a link to a Japanese Baby names site, complete with personality readings of each name.

On that site, she found Rini and saw the personality description behind the name, which included almost all of her personality traits and rather liked the sound of Rini. She has since then, adopted the name as her nick name for use online and sometimes in real life.

Since she was into Dragon Ball Z at the time, she wanted to add another part to her acquired alias name, Saiyan-jin, and therefore, became known as Rini Saiyan-jin for nearly four years. Then when she moved out of Dragon Ball Z fandom, she moved on to Harry Potter fandom. From there, she was in a Harry Potter-based role playing game with her friends, the role-players chose names for themselves and Rini chose Prongs as it her favorite name of the Marauders. Then she changed her name again, feeling that Saiyan-jin part of her alias didn't suit her as a person anymore and got Prongs Rini.

She kept Prongs Rini for some of the fandom accounts, and eventually created another one that resulted from an inside joke in a mediaminer.org chatroom and was thus named, Ini Rini (or just Rini as the mediaminer forums have come to know). However she kept the Ini part for cases when many web accounts on other sites have claimed the original name "Rini."


1993 - 1995: The first exposure to the anime was Speed Racers and enjoyed the show, she was also exposed to Power Rangers which was also based in Japan.

1998-2000: This represented the time when she was into Pokemon video and card games, enjoying the social aspect of the card games.

Spring 2001: With the advent of closed captioning finally on Dragon Ball Z, she was able to see the show for herself after hating the series with a passion (because she did not understand what was going on.) Because of subtitles, she was able to enjoy the last part of the Cell Saga and fell in love with the series.

Summer 2001: This was the time she decided to go looking online for more stuff about Dragon Ball Z and made several amateur websites. She was then exposed to fan fiction and fan art on some of the websites she came across. She briefly saw fanfiction.net but did not stay long to look beyond the linked story. This was also the first time she tried her hand at writing fan fiction and fan art (dealing with Dragon Ball Z.)

General 2001: This year was the year when she was one of those fanbrats who was into making amateur looking websites and picking up a lot of different ways of making things look flashy. Rini stopped managing websites in the latter part of 2002.

April 2002: Recognizing fanfiction.net and after reading a few more fanfiction stories on there, she registered in this month of April.


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