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The main Riptide cast, in 1984.


Riptide was an Amercian television series which ran from 1984 - 1986 on NBC. Created by Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo, it was very similar in tone and style to many of their popular action/adventure series of the 1980s but also influenced by the popular 1983 theatrical film Blue Thunder. The series also attempted to capitalize on newly burgeoning home computer technology in a way other shows had not to that point. The series, however never gained quite the popularity of the The A-Team which Cannell and Lupo had introduced the year before, and with which it shared many elements including lots of humor combined with intense action, and a main cast of characters consisting of a group of Vietnam veterans working together to solve/fight crime.

Similarly, Riptide always remained a relatively small fandom, with some stories appearing in various multi-media fanzines in the 1980s and 1990s but only a small number of 'zines dedicated exclusively to it. Hurt/comfort was very popular in Riptide fan-fiction, and a small amount of slash fiction (generally Nick/Cody) has also been written as well. Few notable pieces of fan art, fan vids, and other types of fanworks have been produced in this fandom, although it continued to have a very small following in on-line fandom.

The release of the show on DVD in 2006 led to an increase in the fandom size, and by 2009 it was an extremely active if still relatively small fandom. The slash fandom is most active, with the pairings Nick/Cody and Nick/Cody/Murray being the most often seen.

Main Cast

The Show

Cody Allen, Nick Ryder and Murray Bozinsky are three Vietnam veterans and former army buddies. When Nick and Cody decide to open a detective agency in Los Angeles, the soon realize they could use Murray's help to take advantage of computer technology in their investigations. While Nick and Cody are attractive, smooth ladies' men, Murray is rather socially inept, a stereotypical "computer nerd".

The agency's headquarters are based on Cody's boat, the Riptide, moored at Pier 56 in King Harbor, California. They also have at their disposal Murray's robot (the "Roboz") Nick's aging helicopter, "The Screaming Mimi", and Cody's speedboat, the "Ebb Tide".

During their investigations, they are often harassed by Lt. Quinlan, a local police officer who does not approve of their operation (although in later episodes he becomes more cooperative with them.) Other characters who occasionally appeared in the series included Mama Jo, skipper of the all-female tourist boat the Barefoot Contessa; Max, a comedienne at a local club; and Dooley, a dockboy who sometimes helped the Riptide team in their investigations.


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