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The television show Roswell debuted on the WB network in October of 1999. It ran on the WB for two seasons, then moved to UPN for a third, and final, season. The show went off the air in 2002.

Roswell told the story of three teenaged aliens: Max Evans, his sister, Isabel, and their friend, Michael Guerin. They were stranded in Roswell, New Mexico, with no idea who they were, but knowing that they had powers that were unexplained (Max could heal, Isabel could visit people in their dreams - "dreamwalk" - and Michael could destroy things). They assumed that they originated from the famed "Crash of '47." Much of the show was dedicated to the three aliens discovering the secret of their past. To that end, eventually, a fourth alien, Tess Harding, was also introduced.

The story of Roswell kicked off when a local high school student, Liz Parker, was shot in her family's cafe, the Crashdown, by accident. Max healed Liz, because he was secretly in love with her, and, thus, exposed his secret to her. Liz's best friends, Maria and Alex, were eventually brought in on the secret as well. Another important character was the sheriff of Roswell, Jim Valenti, who was the original antagonist in the series, as he tried to expose Max's true identity. He became Max's ally later in the series, after Max healed Valenti's son, Kyle, who also became an important character. In Season 3, the character of Jesse Ramirez was introduced, as a love interest for Isabel.

Fanfiction was written for Roswell from the very beginning. More details will follow below.

The Canon

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Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

Most terminology in Roswell Fanfiction is related to romantic pairings. Some of the major pairings are listed below:

Dreamer: Max/Liz

Candy: Michael/Maria

Stargazer: Alex/Isabel

Lamptrimmer/Rebounder: Kyle/Tess

Loyalist: Liz/Kyle

Rebel: Max/Tess

Cliffhanger: Michael/Isabel

Polar: Michael/Liz

Ground Zero (GZ): Max/Maria

In Crowd: Kyle/Isabel

Awakened Dreamer: Zan/Liz

Streetwalker: Rath/Maria

Remedialist: Maria/Kyle

Mental Vibrator: Michael/Tess

Fifthwheel: Alex/Tess

Please see Roswell ships for a more comprehensive list of shipper terms used in the Roswell fandom.

There is also some terminology which refers to "type" of story:

Canon: stories which pick up from events which occured on the show

Alternate Universe/AU: stories which place the characters in alternate universes, either with aliens or without

CC: Conventional Couple pairings. These are the pairings which were majorly explored on the show and are considered the "canon" pairings: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel, and, to a lesser degree, although increasing recently, Kyle/Tess. Although Max/Tess, Liz/Kyle, Isabel/Jesse, and several others were explored on the show, to lesser or greater degrees, they are rarely considered "conventional."

UC: Unconventional Couple pairings. These are stories which pair characters who were not necessarily paired on the show, or might have been, for a short time, but are still considered "unconventional" - popular examples would be Michael/Liz, Max/Tess, Isabel/Kyle, and Max/Maria. There are many others.

Crossover: Stories where Roswell is crossovered with other shows, movies, books, etc. There are popular "crossover" pairings in Roswell fandom. An example would be X-Tremers, who pair Liz with Alec from the T.V. show Dark Angel


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.


  • On October 6, 1999, the 1ALL_ROSWELL mailing list was created. [1]
  • On October 7, 1999, the All-Roswell mailing list was created. [2]
  • From 1999 to 2000, part of this fan fiction community was very active on FanForums. Members posted stories and gave feedback on the site.
  • "At the end of the first two seasons, in 2000 and 2001, fans peppered network offices with more than 10,000 bottles of Tabasco sauce. The effort eventually branched out to include charitable donations tied to the show, but none of it was enough to get Roswell past its third year." [3]




  • Fanfiction continues to be written in this fandom. The largest and most popular site is Roswell Fanatics. It has over 6000 members. As well has hosting current fics, it has a huge archive of older fics and several discussion boards. It also hosts the Roswell Fanfiction awards.
  • April 15th of 2006, the Roswell Heaven board was created by lissalou72. It is a spin-off from the now closed Dreaming Among the Stars board. It has a archived a number of now defunct Roswell fanfic sites such as Alien Blast, The Boardello of Fanfic, Dreaming Among the Stars, and others. It also houses current fics and works in progress. Roswell Heaven is known for being a friendly board, with an open chat room, discussion threads, monthly fanfiction awards - the Orbit awards, the Vilondra Project and Not of this Earth quarterly writing challenges, and seasonal games and contests.
  • Candy is Dandy is a board for candy fans and candy fics only. It is one of the oldest and most enduring sites in the fandom Candy is Dandy. Some fics from this board can be found on other sites but many are exclusive to CID. In June 2010, a chatroom was established on the board for the first time.


  • In Sept of 2009, RoswellOracle opened her personal Roswell Archives to the public. She has been collecting Roswell info and pics since the beginning, and is hosting it on her Roswell site so everyone can access to it.

The Archive is still in progress, but has many sections with a huge amount of information, including - Series Info & Episode Guide, Series Reference & Dictionary, Character & Places Guide, Series Timeline, Press Releases & Publicity, Series Music, Silver Handprint Archive, Internet Culture, Theories & Speculation, Merchandise, and more.



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Influential Fanworks



The Future Arc by Danilise

Roswell Elementary Series by Kara and Emily

Homes by EmilyLuvsRoswell

The Son Series by Midwest Max

A Call to Arms by Bennie

Happenstance by Angel

Born of the Stars by Kath7

Everything you are by Javagin

AU With Aliens

Spin by incognito

This Brilliant Dance by mangoaddict

Here Be Dragons by tequathisy

AU Without Aliens

Own Me/Our Story by jasper711

My Life as a Teenaged Superhero by Deejonaise and Applebylicious

Not So Little by Applebylicious

Gold diggers by nibbles2


Still Yours by Kzinti_Killer (Roswell/Highlander)

Don't Dream It's Over by Calinia (Roswell/Dark Angel)


Captivated by Darkness, Fight the Break of Dawn, Fading Into Twilight, Darkest Days by Ash

The Experiment Series by LivE

Captive Hearts by Breathless

Revelations by EmilyLuvsRoswell

Antarian Sky by Rosdeidre

Yours by Deejonaise

Serendipity: Every Path Leads to You by Majesty

The Bitter Dregs by Tasyfa

Snapshot by max and liz believer

Burning To Feel by Sylvia37

See: Max/Liz


The Praetorians by DocPaul

Rebels and Saviors by DocPaul

The Day We Never Kissed by DocPaul

Mysteries, Shattered, Amends and Shan'taran'a (Forever) by Anla

Routines by Chicky

The Short-Term Fix by Yettaren

Masques: An M&M 'Little Shop' Fic by kLyn

Lost In America by candylovespell

Passion by April

521 by April

The Truths About Dating And Mating by Fehrbaby

521 by April

Passion by April

See: Michael/Maria


Love and the Single Woman by StargazerUK

The Letter by StargazerUK

Almost Perfect by vegas312

My Angel by KarenEvans

Absolution by Rowedog


The Fourth by Icalynn

I Could Have Loved You by jbangelo

Nothing To Lose by jbangelo


The Polar Novel by Whiteotter

Finding Ulysses by Peachykin

Memory of Her by Peachykin

Journey's End by Darkvixen

Nemesis Game by Darkvixen

Poison by Zanzabehr aka PolarTruckin'

Point of Origin by various authors


Awakened Dreamer

Hands Of An Artist by RoswellOracle

Second Chances by femmenerd


Providence by mangoaddict

Remnants by Didi

In Crowd

To Sunrise From Indigo by jbangelo

Paradise Lost by Elizabeth

Ground Zero

Lost And Found by Midwest Max

My Beloved Wife by Midwest Max

Other UC Pairings

Mental Vibrator:

Analecta by Hauntedd


Desperately Wanting by jbangelo

Double Dipper:

The Cravings Series by RoswellOracle

Fandom Members

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Fandom size

Comparitive size of fandom based on archive sizes from November 2006
Same chart as above only including Quizilla totals from December 2006
A promotional image from Roswell's first season

January 2008

As of January 7, 2008 there are 3,326 stories on FanFiction.Net [7] and 83 stories on Twisting the Hellmouth [8]. has a total of 128584 articles and 4914 registered users [9], and Roswellian Chronicles has 758 registered users.

However, the Roswell fandom did not tend to gravitate towards boards such as FanFiction.Net. Instead, it centered around numerous Roswell-only boards such as and other discussion communities or ship-specific sites (examples include Candy Is Dandy and which has more than 1430 members, 12000 posts, and 696 stories on its archive).

In addition, the Roswell fandom is notorious for hosting a vast amount of "lurkers," or fans who read fanfiction and discussions without ever registering or participating in any way. As such, there is no way to accurately gauge their numbers.

External Links

Roswell Fanfiction Sites

Roswell Fanatics Fanfiction

Roswell Fanatics Fanfiction Archives - Fanfiction Page

Roswell Desert Skies

Roswell Heaven

By Starlight Fan Fiction Archive

Roswell: The Promise - A Dreamer Archive

Candy is Dandy

Kraving Candy Fanfic Archive

Electric Candy Fan Fiction, board, archive

See also


Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

  • Stein, L. E. (2002). Subject: 'Off topic: Oh my God, US terrorism!: roswell fans respond to 11 September. European Journal of Cultural Studies. 5 (4), 471-491.
  • Storm, Jonathan. "Save My Show!" The Philedelphia Inquirer. 28 March 2007. [10]

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